TrippyContest Season 1 Winners are here! Congratulate them in a Stoner style!

6 months ago

After ten days of a Trippy Journey , we have completed the Season 1 of TrippyContest and all the contestants have emerged flying high in the sky as all the participants have received immense support from the community for their entry! Now it is the time to announce winners of the #TrippyContest


Before I go ahead and announce, let me take this opportunity to thank @cannaweedness team for tossing the idea to organize such an amazing contest that:

"not only contributes to the community by motivating the smoke members to share their Trippy stories, but also helps in growth of individual participant in the community as they receive visibility and motivation from fellow smokers. Apart from that this also contributes in building a better SEO for the platform by nurturing quality contents driven by organizing such contests"

I also thank my wife @bgw for co-judging this contest along me and with the members of @cannaweedness ( @raz , @eonwarped and @unnamed)


Before we move on to the winners, Lets take a look at all the trippy entries we received in the order they are posted.
You can click the image to open the article if you haven't read them yet!

Grow of #TrippyContest strain!



Some highlighted comments from the judges!(This is not a feedback, because you all have done amazing job already! some of the best experiences we have ever read)
Post 1. That is some craziness in there, you mention reconfirming, ever get scared? Having never tried, it was really good to read about your experiences :)
Post 2. How did the music feel under the influence of shrooms? You said it was better to chill than dance, I just wonder if the music felt different.
Post 3. Sounds like a fun day out, do you tell Herbie these stories?
Post 4. Lol, sounds like a fun ride to me ;)
Post 5. I rally enjoyed reading this and I hope that there will be more memories to come, thanks.
Post 6. I love those 'best kebab ever' meals :D

Without wasting more time, announcing the winner:

1st Place with a winning amount of 250 SMOKE token goes to:


Two posts received same scores by the judges, so price money for 2nd and 3rd position are shared by 2 people - 125 SMOKE token each



A big applause to all participants and winners. We have enjoyed reading your trippy experience.

Thanks to @cannaweedness team for inviting @betgames and @bgw to co-organize the first season of contest. We enjoyed working with you and the entire smoke community.


Both @betgames and @cannaweedness are witness on Please consider voting us.Every vote matters and is much appreciated. You can cast your witness vote here.

@betgames and @cannaweedness are proud signatories of the @witnesscharter

Phew! It took more time than I imagined to create this post with all 3D-like pictures, now it's time for a smoke and relax!

Until next time! ................ Smoke, Have Fun, Repeat!

#psychedelics #cannaweednesscontest #betgames

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Thank you, @betgames and @bgw for helping with this contest.

Before we congratulate all winners... the term epic is overused online but thank you for this #EPIC post styling given the limited built-in styling features on Awesome, awesome, absolutely awesome job! 🙏

Congrats to all TrippyContest contributors and thanks for your contributions. As somebody said in the comments elsewhere: “all posts were trippy AF”!

Congrats to all winners too, @psyceratopsb, @zuculuz, @realkiki85.

Stay tuned as CannaWeedness has already started ideating (still lots more toking needed tho) next month’s contest!

Wow. This is such an honor.
@psyceratopsb Bro congratulations on first place. And to all the others.

To answer your question. Yes it did feel different. I don't know why I didn't mention it but the music felt different. I could feel every beat going trough my body. It was an amazing experience.

Congratulations to you all!!! @psyceratopsb, @zuculuz, and @realkiki!!! Great contest @betgames!

Could I ask for better start of the week?
Thanks to judges and hosts. Was a pleasure to be part of this and to win of course.

Great stuff...

Congratulaions to all winners.... ! Keep on puffin´for a high!