#trippycontest4 : You moved me/What led me to a social activist.

9 months ago

This is my contest entry for the contest I found from @raz post. I am really slow on smoke.io but I wish to be part of the community. I loved the contest as it allowed me to share who I am. Looks will not get such chance often here.

I am Mohammed Abdul Aziz from Bangladesh. I am the founder of two charitable projects which is fundraising on steemit for around 2 years. I am on steemit with the user name @Azizbd and my two initiatives fundraising from @SchoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment.

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What is @SchoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment?

School For Sustainable Development Goal 4 ( A school For Social And Educational Development of Underprivileged Children) was established on 20th April 2016 by Mohammed Abdul Aziz to facilitate underprivileged children at Gashitula, Sylhet, Bangladesh. I live in a area surrounded with slums and a lot of lower income families are living here. Many children need to go to work and can't get access to education for financial difficulties. @SchoolForSDG4 currently facilitating around 50 underprivileged children who get free access to education. Their educational expenses only depend on the founder's contribution through fundraising on steem blockchain. It is possibly the first and only charity and school which is fully funded by using blockchain technology and fundraising on steemit. We started blogging on whaleshares.io too.

The below video was recorded by @powerpics 14 October 2017 during the presentation of my project on mumble. It was my first presentation of my project both is offline and online. But I am happy that I could share at least.

The school objective is to ensure quality education(SDG4) for every children and help Bangladesh to achieve 17 sustainable development goals by 2030. I wish not to see discremination in child education just because of family financial difficulties.

We are going to celebrate 3rd anneversary of School For SDG4 on 20th April 2019.

Women Empowerment was started on 7th January with it's first class with the aim to train and create job facilities for underprivileged women in our slum area. It is also funded on steem blockchain via @Fundition @AdollarAday and many good steemians. The project has two sewing machine which was bought via steemit fundraising.
After joining on steemit, the project started to promote products and we sold some products to steemians like @tecnosgirl, @r2cornell and @kenny-crane.

But what led me to be a human right and social activist?

Every person come in a stage to understand their background and realization of their past. When I was 5-6 years old, I had to go an urban slum school run by an NGO and I studied 3-4 years in the school. Most of my classmates were child labourer and I still see some of them as day labourer. My father tried to manage fund for us and as I was the youngst son and some of my siblings had to give up for financial difficulties. When I was a student of MBA, I was thinking of my childhood and steps of educational degrees. I feel thankful to the slum School, people who donated books for me, my school headmaster who allowed me to sit on exam hall without tution fees and principal who reduced my college tuition fees, university chairman who granted scholarship for my bachelor degree. Without education, I may not be able to explore the virtual world and connect with people from differnet parts of the world.

The realization of my past educational challenges led me to start an initiative to support my community children who are facing the same challenges as I faced in my childhood. If at least some of them can continue their education, it will be a great success of the project.
I was able to support around 15 children in the very beginning and after around a year of my school, I discovered the power of steemit community. I learned about cryptocurrency, steemit people, online donation earning and fundraising. Now I am fundraising on fundition.io which is the decentralized crowdfunding platform on steem blockchain. We are also raising fund for 6 months training cost from crowdfunding campaign in the same platform.

I am hoping that the youtube video will also help you to learn more about my motives and why I choose to be

For any kind of info, I am active on discord with username # azizbd2850

#trippycontest4 #humanity #education #charity #social

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