Make Rick Simpson Oil At Home Easily

9 months ago

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RSO is the cure to end all cures!

If you search cannabis cures the top result will likely be Rick Simpson Oil. This is because of its widespread effective use to address a plethora of ailments from anorexia to Rheumatoid arthritis. This oil has been hailed as a miracle by many of its users and many patients use is in place of smoking cannabis. I am sharing the recipe with you today so that you can easily make your own super healthy cannabis oil right at home.

What you’ll need

Rick simpson oil is pretty simple and only requires a few ingredients and tools to make.

At least 1 ounce of cannabis nugs
Everclear or Isopropyl alcohol
Pack of coffee filters or a fresh cheesecloth
2 Large bowls for mixing
Syringes for storage
Rice cooker (or simmering water)

Starting the process

This is a relatively simple process that requires patience but not much work. Your first step is to grind up the cannabis products for better mixing. Once ground you can place your cannabis into the bowl and add the Alcohol until it is saturating the cannabis. Take a spook and stir it a but to break up any remaining clumps and get all dry areas covered with solvent. Stir this mixture until the cannabis dissolves into the mixture. After you have mixed the solvent and cannabis you can take your second container and place the coffee filter over it. Pour the concoction onto the coffee filter and let it drain into the other bowl or jar.

This completes what is called the first wash.

Make cannabis extract with stems

Redo this process one one more time with the cannabis that is left in the coffee filter. Add the second wash to the earlier solution and prepare it for evaporation.

Evaporating the solvent

The next step in the RSO making process is the evaporation of the solvent. Rick simpson recommends that you do this process with a rice cooker but if you can find an adjustable heating element it will be far better. I also found doing the double boil method helps evaporate the solvent pretty efficiently. If you use a rice cooker then allow it to heat up and then cool off a bit before you pop the oil inside. I suggest watching the oil closely so that you can assure that it does not burn our over boil. Make sure you keep whatever you are using on LOW HEAT otherwise your product potency will suffer. You will know when your product is ready because it will look like a sticky grease consistency.

What RSO Shoul Look Like

How to use the RSO

Now that you have completed your RSO it is time to figure out how you want to take it. Rick Simpson suggests that it be done orally via ingestion. He says you can put a 1ml dab on the some bread and eat it. Others prefer to add it to their joints as twax, while some put the oil into pills for them to store and take later. My favorite method is the pill form because it is potent and helps avoid the VERY BITTER taste of RSO. With this upcoming batch i will make some RSO and then attempt to add it to my alcoholic bitters recipe.

Things to keep in mind

With RSO there are a few things one should keep in mind when dealing with its. During manufacture make sure your preparation area is CLEAN and well ventilated. Always keep an eye on the temperatures when evaporating solvents AND NO OPEN FLAMES!!! It is a good idea to also consider taking a SMALL dose first to avoid any adverse effects (nausea, passing out etc) which can ruin the experience. I also strongly suggest getting syringes to help ensure a proper dosing and easy storage of your medicine.

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No comments on this simple tutorial! Super easy to make, good stuff.

What a great job, thanks for sharing this simple way.

Please Use Ethanol and Not Iso

Isopropyl alcohol causes accumulative tissue damage. Isopropyl alcohol also does not evaporate off as completely as people believe. Even when washed with ethanol multiple times and vacuum purged, iso extracts will always test positive for iso.

Please use ethanol! :D

If you're unable to purchase 190 proof ethanol in your area, I strongly recommend learning how to use an alcohol still. 3-Gallon Alcohol Distillation Setup