More graphics for SMOKErs + quick guide on becoming a real SMOKEr!

last year

High there smokers!

This is a post about graphic design for your blogs but also I'm just going to give you a quick guide on how to be a real smoker! I already created few graphics just for you so feel free to check them out here!

I woke up this morning and oh boy it was a productive one. I had to go to unpack the fridge my mom bought and I had to rearrange a lot of thing in my small room to fit this new fridge. After that, I went to buy some something to eat. After eating, what else is there than to roll a joint and see what I can give to my blockchains today.

As I already told you that I will create more graphics for my smokers, I took this bit of a free time and created few logos, post footers and dividers. I hope you will like them as I saw you like the previous ones. I believe if we have our blog looking high and sexy, we need to have dividers and footers. That's the least you can do. So telling a bit about what I think, I also want to give you a quick guide on how to behave on a blockchain.

I saw a lot of people creating good content but I also saw a few of them wanting to get some extra cash out of this blockchain, maybe they're used to centralized platforms like FB, IG,... Anyway, just so that you don't waste time writing shitposts and so that others and I don't waste our time by watching that, please read this quick guide that will help you a lot. Stop wasting your time, time is money and the sooner you embrace it, the sooner you'll be creating good quality content.


  • Read FAQ and documentation of
    This must be the first place any new smoker needs to visit. This is where you can find everything about SMOKE and how it works. Reading this will save you your time wasted doing things wrong.

  • Create an introduction post
    This is the blockchain and people don't want to waste their time on scammers or others who want to use the blockchain and others for their own gain. Introduce yourself and tell us who you are, what you do, how did you get here and what are your plans. It would be nice if you can post your picture holding some paper that says SMOKE and it's date on it. I know a lot of you want to stay anonymous but hopefully, you have someone that will vouch for you.

  • Create good quality content
    This is really simple. Create good quality content. I'm not saying that every of your post needs to be educative but you need to bring some value with your post. Posting just your pics will get you in more trouble then you can think of. People will start to ignore you if you don't create good quality content and your reputation will not grow.

  • Engage in conversations
    Read others posts but read them good. When you do that, try to write a meaningful comment. Comments like good post, good pics, .. are not good comments especially if you miss the topic. Comments are your marketing here and they are the ones who will start conversations and hopefully new friendships.

  • Help newcomers
    Try to go to #introduceyourself, #introducemyself, #aboutme and try to find new people on SMOKE blockchain. Give them a warm welcome if you think they deserve it, try to give them some guidelines and wish them well. Make them feel like home. I know how it feels good to be welcomed and I'm sure you know too.

  • Help your community/blockchain
    If you're here and you believe in this blockchain, then help it. This must be our satisfaction to go around and promote this blockchain. Some of us waited for so long to speak their mind and to share what they smoke and how cannabis helps them. So, share it around, let everyone knows that we're coming to free the freedom!

  • Read about witnesses and vote
    Read who are our witnesses and see what they do and what are their plans. Try to engage in conversation with them and ask them some questions if you're interested. If we want to have a good blockchain, we want to have good smokin' witnesses.

This is only a quick guide to help my smokers so they don't waste their time. I hope it will help you and I hope I didn't miss any important topics. If I did, feel free to tell me about them in the comments below.

Now, let's go back to the graphics...

As I said, few logos, footers and dividers are coming your way. Hopefully, they'll make this blockchain sexy so don't hesitate to use them. This is ours! The first incoming are two logos. They are very similar but I wanted to do some whacky things :D

Moving on to post footers or call it whatever you like and use 'em wherever :D I kinda enjoy creating banners most. They are funky, just what this blockchain needs. Check them out below!

I hope you like the banners, I still don't know which one will I use, but I think the second one is the favorite for now. It's simple and sexy, but I know my whack mind will lead me to a funky footer one day. Let's move on to dividers...

Every time you need to divide your text, you can use these dividers and of course, those ones from the last post. Here I did a few of them and one (puff, puff, pass) is like in three parts. Check them out!

And that will be it for today's smoke creating :D Now it's time to hit some joint and probably go stream. I will see what this day have to offer and embrace it as much as I can.

Until then, create good quality content, stay high and SMOKE ON!

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Excellent post. Every new member should have a look at this. Thanks for your contributions to the community and the swell graphics too😤


Thanks man, really appreciate it. I am glad if this is helpfull

Well done @mrspacely!


Thanks a lot man!


Your welcome bro

Those logo's with the weed leaves would make such epic buttons. :)


Haha, ok you can use them for whatever you like :) :) :P

  ·  last year


haha thumbs up to you also :D

great designs !!