New batch of free custom made banners!

7 months ago

Smoke Custom banners

Oh, sorry guys for the long delay! At first, we weren't sure if we should start to make banners for those who didn't post a profile picture, or that we should wait for them to post. It has been a hectic few weeks over here, but we managed to make some more new custom banners for you guys to use!

Let's go!

There is a copy/paste code right under the banner of the username, so it will be easy for you to use the source without losing the quality of the banner. By re-uploading it, you lose quality.





















Hope you guys enjoyed them and that the spelling is correct ;-)

For those who still want to use a banner, here is one that we made for overall use. Sorry for the delay to those who have been waiting 3-4 weeks already! We have been pretty busy, so we haven't been as much as active.



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Nice work they really look good

Good job you did here haze. Nice design. As always, i like it. We have 99% with same style.



The Banners ROCK hun!
When you have time can I get a custom one in my username?
Thanks, Much LOVE!

Cool design, looks awesome, so are you taking any orders? Thanks and bong on. :-)

Thanks a lot a lot. This is so coooool! :D <3

Good job, can I request for me using my profile maam?

I like your work! Cool design

Can you do one for me please ? 😍

keep up your good work.