Coca-Cola talks to enter the cannabis market: wants to develop CBD drinks

2 years ago

The famous beverage corporation is examining possible entry into the global cannabis market, including the development of soft drinks containing CBD, the non-psychoactive molecule in cannabis. Negotiations are underway between Coca-Cola and the Canadian cannabis company Aurora,

The largest and most famous beverage company in the world does not ignore the cannabis revolution, in which large alcohol companies and tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris, Corona and others have recently entered and entered.Coca-Cola is interested in the development of soft drinks containing CBD (cannabidiol) - a non-psychoactive component of cannabis but very healthy and estimates and most commonly used growing market.News network Bloomberg reports this morning (Monday) that Coca-Cola is currently in negotiations with the Canadian cannabis company, Aurora (Aurora), one of the world's largest cannabis."Like many beverage companies, we are closely monitoring the development of CBD as a health component of beverages worldwide," Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers said in response. "The field is developing rapidly but a final decision has not yet been made."Aurora spokeswoman Heather McGregor said only that the beverage corporation had expressed specific interest in cannabis drinks, but sources told Bloomberg that negotiations between the two companies were in advanced stages.There are those who believe that Coca-Cola's announcement follows a drop in sales of its soft drinks, due to the collapse of Soda Stream. The company recently entered the juice, tea and mineral water markets as well.As stated last month announced a corporation alcoholic beverages, Constellation Brands, the market entry of cannabis with an investment of $ 3.8 billion in Canadian cannabis' Canopy (Canopy).

In addition , Heineken began marketing a new cannabis capital, while the Marlboro cigarette manufacturer was also reported to have entered the field.According to a report last week, the US CBD market is expected to reach $ 22 billion by 2022.Aurora recently merged with the Canadian cannabis company from Darlif, which was established in partnership with the Israeli medical cannabis Tikun Olam, which currently holds 10% of its shares. Tikkun is the developer of the Avidkal cannabis strain that is rich in CBD and is also considered to be one of Madralev's most popular competitions.This morning's report: 

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It was bound to happen eventually> I don't know what I thin yet though, I think it's good right?


haha im not sure about it bro, I hope it will be good, I'm a bit afraid of all these corporations


And they so shady , they would probably add some crack in it or something

I'm all for a major company like that selling medicinal products instead of poison. :)


yeah man it getting crazy, i love it as plant not as poison pill

Capitalism and multinational corporations. It was just a matter of time, as soon as they see some money in it they start to exploit it. I personally boycott all coca-cola products, so this will be on my list as well. And it is not healthy at all as well.
I think it is just a matter of time before they introduce THC infused drinks too.