Please welcome Token: CHRONO

2 years ago

CHRONO is a token of not only rewarding and sharing on the Graphene Blockchain tech such as and, and more to come, but also in helping the continuation of the Chronopolis Projects where we are always creating and perfecting our DPOS tools.

You can use these tokens for rewarding and sharing on platforms such as Whaleshares and Smoke, you can win these tokens from the multitude of giveaways and contests, but you can also jump on the BTS market and purchase as well, in the near future these tokens will also be available for staking and earning from profits of the Chronopolis projects run by Chronocrypto, on the powerful DPOS chains.

These Tokens will be open for trade with out any restrictions, and will not be able to be taken back by Chrono-polis or Chronocrypto.

Disclaimer: This Description can change at any point in time, but will still remain within the same principles as stated above.

Asset CHRONO, not financial advice but... might want to stock up on a small amount.


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Interesting. looking now . thank you for post DQmcG5qntqqMR6DxWLBGerJrXQFkhXbTYKVnREGH2EHUy2V.gif DQmcG5qntqqMR6DxWLBGerJrXQFkhXbTYKVnREGH2EHUy2V.gif DQmcG5qntqqMR6DxWLBGerJrXQFkhXbTYKVnREGH2EHUy2V.gif

I can't find it, can I get a direct link to the market?


Found it now. sorry

Full support. Resmoking! BTW nice brand you have there, Chrono.

Way to go!

110% full support over here, resmoked!

so can we call them chronics?? lol

thanks for informing us. awesome addition to the market
love the logo color by the way 👌