An Introduction to Tillmans Tranquils - CBD Mints

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7 months ago

The Why

Our team as always believed in a holistic first approach when possible and have known of the benefits of Marijuana for decades, however, when we were introduced to CBD and its health properties our minds were blown.

The How

We had access to a mint factory so we experimented for months on a formula utilizing CBD Isolate at first focusing on Mint flavor. We exhibited at Champs Vegas 2019 with a product that was well received. However, there was some push back regarding the use of Isolate. Little did we know so many big brands are using Isolate.

What's New?

Fast forward one year later and we now use Full Spectrum CBD Oil, have a 2nd flavor, have a better website, have refined the packaging, and are in over 1,500 stores nationwide (and the UK!). In addition we expanded our product line to CBD flower, prerolls, gummies, and oils.

If you are going to Champs Vegas 2020, stop by booth 1874 and congratulate us on our 1 year anniversary.

Want to try our CBD mints?

Want a discount code?

Message us on our live chat and mention and I'll hook you up with a discount code to try any of our cbd products. #cbd #


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Wow, they seem awesome! 😍 Welcome to 💚


Thanks! Happy to be here.

Those would be so good for sucking on at work 👌


Discreet af.

Awesome.... available in Canada ?


Thanks! No stores have taken it they have said the laws don't allow it. But I know some stores are definitely selling CBD products.


Yeah. Super strict Laws up here in Canada. They only allow Government grown (regulated) Cannabis, nothing else. It’s called CCCP .... Canadian Communist Cannabis Products.

Pass me a tillmans.........i need to get tranquil.......