How to Know When Your Dog is a Stoner

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Marijuana’s legal status has most certainly taken a turn for the better towards humanity and man’s best friend. Opinions of millions of individuals who’ve had their dog's life saved or improved with cannabidiol (CBD) products have changed their views on cannabis. From treating joint pain and arthritis to many other common ailments, some veterinarians are now backing the medical effects of cannabis for K-9s.

With products like YoPup chill out biscuits, Honest Paws, and HempMy Pet, there are no doubts that dogs are getting stoned too. It happens when dog owners purposefully administer it to their dogs either for medical or recreational reasons and when they get into your stash. The ASPCA reported that since the mid-2000s when medical marijuana became legalized in certain states, cases of stoned dogs have increased as much as 50 percent.

Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash

How do dogs get stoned?

Some dogs get stoned by prescription, edible treats, eating buds off your plant, second-hand smoke or by taking a shotgun directly from their owner's mouth.

Other dogs even get stoned by eating the cannabinoids found in human feces! Feces contains psychotropic compounds that get people high, and areas, where homelessness is common, will have a higher rate of stoned, stray dogs roaming the hood as cleaner streets.

The impact that weed can have on a dog depends on a few different factors.

Just like humans, a dog’s body size and weight coupled with the amount of THC/CBD can have different effects on various dogs.

Second-hand smoke is the primary source of a dog getting stoned. How high your dog gets also depends on how long they were exposed to the smoke and concentration of smoke.

If smoke is being directly blown into their face, you might as well pass them the joint and remove the pizza from the coffee table.

Can your dog die from ingesting too much cannabis?

Dogs have to ingest a large amount of cannabis to actually die; however, it doesn’t take a lot for an adverse effect to happen. Dogs who ingest too much cannabis are put on supportive care and intravenous fluids, and it can take one to three days for recovery.

The worst thing a dog can eat is cannabutter because of the heating process that is used to infuse the butter alters the chemicals in cannabis making the chemical composition unpredictable for dogs. Most dogs who die from ingesting too much cannabis are usually very small, sick or old.

I once witnessed two large pit bulls devour a 200g slab of hash like it was a forbidden Wonkers bar. Suffice to say they slept for 2 days with intermittent devouring of bowls of rice.

If you haven't puffed with your dog recently and struggling to find out if he/she is a stoner here are some of the signs to look out for:

10 Signs Your Dog is a Stoner

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

1. Your stash is missing and you discover the plastic remnants when you take them outside.

2. You wake up and your dog is drinking the bong water.

3. Your cannabis plants look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

4. Your dog can take a shotgun as well as give you one without drooling on the joint.

5. Your friends come over and your dog singles out the one who is packing the dank.

6. You take your dog for a walk and he pulls you to the dispensary.

7. Your dog has his own connections and Uber account.

8. Your dog prefers to chill with you instead of getting laid.

9. You notice that your dog is eating you out of house and home.

10. You no longer trust your dog alone without locking up your stash.

Jokes aside, the medical benefits of cannabis for dogs include:

  • Incontinence
  • Loss of balance
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Blood pressure
  • Lethargic issues
  • Breathing problems
  • Skin disorders

Advancements in the medical cannabis industry for dogs has made a huge difference in terms of the quality of life for dogs who are suffering from the above conditions.

Always use certified CBD products for #pets and try not to get your #dogs too high...

They can probably find their own plug

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I did not think I ever heard about people giving their pets CBD before, but this is something I certainly believe can benefit dogs as well. Is this a big trend other places in the world, or is it more of a fringe thing?


I'm not sure... but I think the CBD for pets market is already being established as a part of the general pet product market across the US and Europe.

This article claims pet owners spend more than $30 billion a year on supplements and other types of treatments.

So I would bet some large companies are competing for this segment worldwide... CBD is also much more relaxed than THC in terms of laws in most countries.

I don't personally know anyone that treats their pets with CBD tho I know someone that gives his dogs the leaves from his harvests mixed into their wet food.


@plug Really? Is this a big trend in the world?


CBD oils for pets are 3 - 4 times more expensive than those for people. Mostly cos those products require additional processing to get rid of all fragrances and flavors that could make your pet reject the supplement.
That price difference could be one of the reasons IMO.


Yeah man I gave my dog CBD for a few months as he was nearing the end of his life, poor doggo :(


Sad to hear about your dog mate. Did the CBD seem to give it a better life quality?

As an animal lover I hope this post gets as many views as possible ❤


I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Luv it.

This is so the kind of style i like - first you think it is a serious article, then actually read all the humor within ... top post, very funny too :)

lol ... i remembered my cat ... i never smoke around her , but shes always comes around and sat when i have some ... maybe she likes it too

I actually smiled at your 10 signs... kidding aside, if I have a recreational weed then I'd keep the dog away from the room and that would be the easiest way for him not to get stoned in a passive way..

Stoner also upvoted lol

Animals should have a right for proper cannabinoids like all living creatures on earth!

I know one cat who is stoned daily... :)

Hi @plug, I've featured this post on my weekly CBD curation post. Thanks for creating dope content!

I think you meant to say "How to know when your dog is a handsome boy!!!!!"

And you put too many words! The pictures were evidence enough!

This has been a very fascinating read. I knew that CBD was beneficial even to our moon moon dogges, but I was not aware that it was so widespread. CBD might beneficial to our dogs but THC is not. One of my friends dogs eat around half a gram while my friend was not looking and soon after he puked.


Sure he wasn’t a hardcore stoner and wanted twice the fun?

Maybe it will be so scary when your pet will be on the high condition. First time i heard this.

The first time i mixed CBD with my dog's feed 😁 I REALLY LOVED IT ACTIONS. and since then, I never stopped. 😂😂

This is pretty funny. I had no idea that dogs were getting high from eating poo!

I also didn't know that they could die from ingesting it. That is good to know!

so cute