CBD is expensive. Grow your own at home. It’s easy. It Grows like a weed.

in #cbd
4 months ago

I planted 4 Hemp seeds... they grow like. Weed.

Luckily I had 2 males and 2 females. They had wild sex in the garden Nd now I have hundreds of seeds.

Grow your own.

I use 2 Full Spectrum LED lightbulbs that cost about $10 each.




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Growing is definitely the best option! There's nothing like being able to supply yourself with some quality medicine! :)


Absolutely.... along with your own food.

Hey have you ever tried using CFL bulbs? 6400k for veg and 3500k for flower?


No.... I’m not crazy about CFL light .... I on,y have the 2 LED bulbs. They work great

Wish I was allowed SMH looking at the rental agreement even hemp is covered... I’m allowed veggies though 😅