CBD Flower Review: Cascadia Blooms

2 years ago

Not sure if everyone here knows, but in addition to growing, I also do reviews of CBD flower on YouTube.

I don't do paid reviews, but I'll review just about anything cannabis related if any companies want to send me some.

tl;dw: $95 / ounce for high quality (huge) buds === A+++ in my book.

Products: Electra (AC/DC x Early Resin Berry (ERB)) and PineBerry (Ringo's Gift x Early Resin Berry (ERB)) - both are from Oregon CBD

Seller: Cascadia Blooms

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Awesome. I need to get some Canadian CBD companies to send me some samples to review.


Oh my goodness! I know I live in a legal state and all, and am super lucky. But man! I am still so envious of the whole Canadian legal market and the ability to do everything by post.

If you could get those guys to start sending you products to review, you'd be so set!!

Nice review! And you speaking about the scuppernong flavor is spot on for some of the flower I have tasted!

Look forward to more reviews :)


Thanks! It's such a unique taste. And the only thing I can think of that tastes like that.

Im curious to see a review of some hemp CBD bud vs cbd bud with higher than 0.3% THC level. Btw how does your Peach Puree CBD smoke?


Peach Puree CBD smoked nice and smooth. Effects are really nice. Very mild. Unfortunately, for it, it seems like this Purple Orange CBD is going to steal the crap out of the show here. It's not even cured yet, and smells / tastes amazing. Also, effects are insane. Great clear energetic effects. Peach Puree was good. But the Purple Orange. Wow!

As soon as I can scrape some cash together, I'm going to order one of the THC/CBD test kits from Amazon. For like $50, you get a rough idea of the potency of THC and CBD.