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It is sad to know that not many know how useful and beautiful the cannabis plant is not to talk of the beauty of its oil. Cannabis is a very special product but ignorance has kept many in the dark, my mom always say. Only those who know the worth of the plant would go for it, but the ignorant has to be told, this is why we are here, I mean this why exist.
Cannabis oil is oily extract from cannabis plant. It’s CBD or THC content depends on the strain it is obtained from, at their unprocessed state they have 100% cannabinoids but commercially produced ones regulated to ensure that the THC content is reduced to little or nothing.


Hemp oil is also called hemp seed oil and it is extracted from hemp seed, it is regulated in it’s production and it is tested for THC level, most likely hemp oil are produced for it’s healthy fatty acid profile as it may not contain any cannabinoids. They are called super food because of it’s omega and vitamin content, it may also be used as skin and hair care product.


It is mostly referred to as CBD oil because of it’s high CBD content, it contains little (as low as 0.3%) or no THC. It is extracted from the whole plant unlike the hemp oil that is extracted from the hemp seed alone. It’s production is highly regulated to ensure a very low content of THC and it is extracted together with naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. It is used mostly for medical purpose as it does not give any high effect. It is used to assist pain, sleep, inflammation, stress and anxiety due it’s cannabinoid content.


It is mostly called cannabis oil, but as we may know hemp is also a kind of cannabis, from cannabis sativa so I prefer it is called ,marijuana oil. The production of these oil is not regulated at all, it’s THC content is at it’s peak. It is normally extracted from marijuana plant and it gives an intoxicating effect. It may also be applied to some medical cases but it is mostly consumed for recreational purpose. This oil is not legal (because of it’s high THC content)and cannot be sold outside to another country where it has not been made legal.


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