Get Your Cannabis Oil Ready Using Co2 Extraction

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This method of extraction is very expensive and strictly restricted to the laboratory.
CO2 extraction is also known as supercritical fluid extraction and like shared before in my last post, it uses high pressure and low temperature to extract, maintain and preserve CBD oil. CO2 extraction is so tagged supercritical fluid extraction by virtue of the facts that when exposed to extreme temperature and pressure they display structure that fluctuate between intermediate state of solid, liquid and gas. It is when in this state, the supercritical fluids are capable of breaking down structures where they can be seperated.
As earlier said CO2 CBD oil extraction is the best for CBD oil purity. In this method, CO2 is pressurized and brought to a low temperature. This captures the CO2 in a liquid state to be used as a natural solvent allowing tge efficient extraction of cannabis oil.
CO2 gas is changed into liquid by increasing pressure (75 pounds/inch) and keeping tge temperature below -69F. At this point, it is now neccessary to start increasing the temperature and preesure to ceryain point until the fluid becomes a supercritical fluid.
This supercritical CO2 can be used to extract few compounds because the solubility increaseses varies with preessure.



  • At the fluid state of CO2, increase the temperature using heater and aslo the presure using compressor.
  • The supercritical CO2 ia then passed throuhg some high grade pot contained in an extractor. At this point, CO2 pulls out all trichomw and terpene oil from plant material.
  • The solution of supercritical CO2 and the plant material are then passed through a seperator.

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Nice article thanks for educateing us on how to extract cannabis oil, I really learnt alot.


Thanks, really appreciate