First Post, Hello World!

in #cbd
6 months ago

Hi, I like to vape and consume edibles. I smoke, but with my failing health, the plan is to give that up completely. I review the edibles and vape products I use on my website I like the idea of the blockchain technology and I wanted a place to post less crafted material. This'll be more of a free form view of my life using cannabis. More than just product reviews.

Right now I'm smoking on a CBD distillate I got from a maker who gets better and better all the time.
I use a PAX3 to smoke my wax and herb, this had a spicy taste and it complimented my morning chai tea.

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Nice to have you here. Can't wait to see more posts. I think this is your place to be. Feel free to ask any questions. If you have problem uploading images, try with external site like imgur.

This is a greet place for you to write reviews. If you are on a discord, we have small community to promote smoke and posting of quality material; I can send you invite if you want. Till next time, Smoke on!


Thank you for the warm welcomeme. I need to figure out how to turn on my notifications asap😁


Do u use discord ?

Welcome to the smoke network

Sucks you have to give up smoking but health is the number one thing. Eating cannabis is jsut a great just not the same as sitting down burning a nice fat joint.

I would suggest to have a jump over to here and check out some more information about the network


Sweet thank you. Yes, it blows I used to be a whiskey cigar/blunt guy.

Hello, welcome to the network! :D

Welcome to the community, sorry about your health and i hope it gets better. Will be looking forward to your reviews and contributions to the community 👍


Thank you, no worries if you saw me on the street you'd never even know I wasn't healthy. Cancer is weird like that.

Hello, welcome to the community!

Greetings .: )

High fellow cannasseur or should we say bud. We are delighted to have you here on! Do you have any questions? Feel free to address them through commenting this post and we will try to help you.

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If you plan on posting cannabis related content that is unique and not copy/pasted or cross-posted, we would like you to join our tribe and grow with us. We support seedlings in developing their accounts by hosting contests, rewarding our members for quality posts if we curate them, upsmoke all posts that are promoted in our channel...

We small, still in beta Discord community CryptoSmokers; anybody is welcomed as long as they tend to post regular, interesting, cannabis related material on Just a head start, you will need to be active member on and CrytptoSmokers Discord server.

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Wow, thank you all for the wonderful welcome!