Gold Line - CBD Gummy Bears - 2500mg Container

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Gold Line - CBD Gummy Bears

2500mg Container

Recently I purchased some CBD Gummy Bears and earned some Bitcoin for doing so. It's great to be able to stack a bit of bitcoin while getting my hands on CBD edibles...

These CBD gummy bears are sold by a brand called Gold Line. Each package contains a total of 2500mg of CBDs dispersed through roughly 100 Gummy Bears. That means each individual Gummy Bear should have 25mg of CBD inside, making it a solid dose.

I'll eat a handful (about four or five gummy bears) at a time when enjoying these, which totals a hefty 125mg dose. They are incredibly delicious, making it hard not to eat the full jar.

When combining these gummy bears with THC, it really brings out the full spectrum, magical effect of cannabis.

Overall I think these CBD gummy bears helped to lift my mood and brighten the day. I'm not sure if it a placebo effect or the cannabinoids, but I know I will buy more soon!


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Think this might be good for mornings and daily dose.

I just recently got done cbd gummies. Not sure if they weren't strong enough or just didn't do anything for me.


CBD isn't the same as THC. I never felt CBD

Yum.... hope we get these in Canada some day. Not looking good at the moment.