I Just Saw The Organic Hemp Fields In Burgenland - Producing CBD Oil And Co.

9 months ago

Burgenland, Austria


Hey Smokers!

Today, we travelled to Hungary for an appointment and were passing through the various villages in Burgenland. Burgenland is one of the nine states and the easternmost part of Austria. It is famous for its vineyards, wineries, thermal spas, castles and is a tourism magnet. They have around 300 + sunny days in a year and that´s why most of the grapes are grown in their region. It is also one of the regions where they cultivate hemp.


We were on our way home and passed-by a field near the village of Apleton. I saw this hemp field so I stopped the car and parked it on the side of this field to shoot photos. It is amazing that they have hectares of land cultivated with organic hemp. I hope that legalization of recreational marijuana will soon be all over Europe.


BioBloom -CBD Oil producer

A family owned company that grows organic hemp in 110 hectares of land is Bio-Bloom in Apleton, Burgenland, it is one of the best producers of hemp health products. The company is internationally acclaimed as one of the best producers of CBD oil in Europe. The hemp plants are manually harvested and processed to insure high quality value of the main substance cannabidiol.

Photo Credit : BioBloom


We will be back in Hungary and will surely pass-by the region in about two weeks time and I hope to make more images....

In the meantime....keep puffin` for a high!

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wow!!! that's a whole lot of hemp. and the field is just expose and a lot can see it , just free and natural for all the people there , no limits. i can imagine it's probably like corn fields i see whenever we travel and pass through express ways hehe. can't wait for upcoming photos from you on your next trip 👌💚💚💚


Indeed exposed along the road...but nobody attempts to get anything from the field since this is industrial hemp and contained less THC, so it can´t be used for recreational products.

Europe has been one of the main hemp product producers for years as they never put a ban on industrial hemp. With China and Russia have also been on the front line as the biggest producers. Europe (to me) has the best quality and can be trusted to really be organic. Great post.


Indeed! The production of CBD and other health products are controlled by the Austrian State. Austria has a specific tolerance for those recreational cannabis offenders. You don´t go to jail for that...

The production of medicinal Marijuana in Austria, which has long been legalized almost a decade, is strictly controlled by the State to ensure that only qualitative products are produced.

Whatta haven for hemp, hope you can visit the physical site on where they manufacture CBD oil and take us there from your amazing shots.
these babies are so pleasing to the eye.
smoke on!


Well, I have a short stay in the country atm.... if ever I would visit the plant. I can only do it next year after Spain.

You are so very lucky living in this open minded country. How I wish it will happened in my place so I able to taste and hold it. It looks like a normal plantation of rice or corn. So nice place and the hemp,,, so wow!


Perhaps, I am lucky with the politicians.... hahaha..This farmland used to be cultivated with vegetables, but the local farmers saw the rising need of hemp products such as CBD oil etc. This local producer of these health products are committed to deliver to hospitals and Pharmacies because the products have been teste to patients already before they went out to the market.

look at those buds, are they really hemps?


Yes sireee! Next time I pass-by the area.. I hope I can see the farmer and interview him. it´s a 100 hectare cultivated field full of qualty and organic plants.

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