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Good morning smokers, sorry it's been a while since I've been able to post here as my business keeps me quite busy. I try to come over and curate when I can, and it's nice to see some new members as well as witnesses and curators like @technosgirl, @d00k13, @offgrid, @raz, @acid, @unnamed, @relaylogix, and others still supporting the network.

I have been thinking about another GIF-audiobook to post, it's just a matter of the three to four days that it takes to create one, so stay tuned because what I have in mind is going to be EPIC.

Here's a recent post on my website about CBD vendors where all of them happen to be my clients:)


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Hello @groot! Good to see you, welcome back!


@Indaymers, I have missed you the most, and thank you for your kind comments:D

Awesome, great to see you back on


Yeah, it's been a while bro! Thanks for commenting:D

Good to see you


Another one of my favorite fans! Thank you @Tecnosgirl, I have missed you too! My business demands all of my free time, but I can't forget where my roots got started here on smoke:D

Awesome bro


Thank you:D