Hemp-Rx Gummies

in #cbd
6 months ago

I ordered some of these gummies to try out for migraines and general pain.

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Thoughts on CBD?


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Quite honestly, the only cannabis I have eaten is laden in THC. I have heard both sides to the debate, THC/CBD, in my opinion use what works for you! Everyone’s chemical makeup is a bit different.

I think thc works better for pain. Cannabis tincture works wonderful for pain and is fairly easy to make though a little.time consuming as it is a hurry up and wait patiently process. But a little goes a long ways. DM me on discord if you want the recipe or look up small batch if tincture here on smoke as I have shared it here.


You are not in my discord, add me erodedthoughts [Unity Witness]#6809 I have had a few over the years and you're not in this one. Thank you


I can't find you over there but I think that is because we are not in the same servers. Join this server (it is my prize claim one and then we can easily connect.) https://discord.gg/ZuGcgcW