..looking for CBD-producers and deliverers!..

2 months ago


..high greets to all of you, smokers and farmers..

..as we have a small but amazing shop in Berlin, where we are selling all kinds of organic stuff (..cosmetics, candles, erbs and elixirs, CBD in many various products and many other things..), today I want to ask here on smoke.io, if any producer would like to work with us and deliver a range of CBD-products..criteria for working with us are high quality, preferred organic and fair trade, as less packaging as possible and the right energy and motivation, cause it is not only about money...the shop, called ‚wabisabi‘, is in the heart of Berlin in Friedrichshain..soon I will introduce it more detailed..







..hope you like it.. and spread the voice, maybe you know people in your circle..meanwhile, thank you all, keep up the great work..and smoke the best, not just the bad stuff from the streets..and enjoy..

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Nice little lifestyle store. Great to see Germany, and Berlin, still have room for those.

PS: Steem tribe tags don’t work here. We are a fully independent, stand-alone blockchain.


..pleasure that you like it..thank you for the information, I m still new in this stuff..hope nobody is pissed off..follow you..


No worries.

Not sure but I'm thinking Switzerland would be first port of call for CBD products in your hood?

Is your store called "wabi sabi"? That's awesome. And I guess quite difficult to explain too? Do you also offer wabi sabi dinnerware/pottery?

PS: For those who don't know wabi sabi, here's a short read. Bonus: Alan Watts on wabi sabi.


.. thank you very much for this reply and the links..as we are at the beginning, we are still looking for new and awesome stuff..and dinnerware and these things will be available there soon..it’s not so easy to find the supplier with the things we re looking for..and at the end it’s also a thing about money..these things are quite costly..