The evolution of my BHO extractors... [V 3.0] "Bazooka"

2 years ago

Hello smokers & growers!

Most recently, I began my first #BHO extraction experiments!
For a start, I used a small plastic tanks to save on my trim and possible mistakes.

This is the first version of my #bho-extractor, in this volume all #trichomes are perfectly cleaned, even with very dense tamping of #raw!

This is the next version that holds twice as much #cannabis less first vol & it also showed itself perfectly in BHOil extracting!

Well, recently I decided to assemble a more serious unit for the true connoisseurs of a pure and concentrated #wax!

I had a broken #glass #pipe for a long time in my closet
I had to cut off the chipped edge so that it turned out to attach here the butt

The necks of plastic bottles are the ends. On the caps of which are made of a seal for a gas cylinder and a drain with a filter in the bottom of the extractor

That's what I got in the end!
In the photo, my #shatter extractor is already filled up with #trim and is awaiting the purchase of gas cylinders.

I called this version of my device a "bazooka" because of its size and external similarity))

UpSmoke & SmokeOn!


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#Jah Loves Us!

EverStoned @DreamOn!

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Wow!!! Awesome volume!
What weight is placed inside your pipe?


I did not have the opportunity to weigh the material before compaction
Approximately two thirds of this package

Wow dude! There is going to be some serious shatter! How are you planning the purification? Never done it myself but I've heard purification is a must to let the gasses evaporate. Just wow - from now on Bazooka is going to be your favourite weapon of choice :D


Yes it"s true))
I put the extract on the steam bath until gas evolution stops...
After cooling there is not the slightest impurity of butane in the taste


I'm pretty sure when extracting BHO you need vacuum chamber - something like this -

I'm not saying yours is not good, but when in this deep why not dive in.


This useful thing is quite expensive!
I do not produce Wax in such quantities yet, so that it not makes sense to buy a such device!
A gas cylinder 200-250ml worth about 1 dollar. For a good extraction I need 3 - 4 pieces!
The problem is rather in the raw materials and the prohibition of this product in our area ((


Yeah, I get it. Its hard enough for you as it is. Why don't you build one for yourself - parts are pretty inexpensive and guides all over web. I'm planning to build one in the near future so we are going to see how that goes.

Careful man, butane is pretty dangerous, have you considered doing rosin pressing instead?


I have not yet created the necessary technology for this process yet!
Thank you for reminding: Do not make it indoors!

Pretty good work, inovative... that's is a lot of trimmings inside


The extractor proved to be excellent today!
Soon I will publish a photo report about how it behaved in action...

Very cool! Thank! Any more details on the process? Approximately how much fluid do you need per gram of material?

i never make extraction that way . i must try it , looks great


I advise you to start with small volumes & be careful when working with gas!