Home-made BHO | Smoking WAX

2 years ago

Hello Smokers!
During the time I was absent from the smoke, I made a short video about the production and my ways of using #amber.

30 g #cannabis leafs
~110 g liquid #butane
Have about 2g fresh #WAX

smoke.io promo at the end of the video!

Music: Kosheen live @ Pirate Station 2008

Thank you for comments and subscription to my YouTube channel!

UpSmoke & SmokeOn!


#Jah Loves Us!

EverStoned @DreamOn!

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Did you purge it?


No, I heated the wax until the butane was completely evaporated ... More refined cleaning is not available to me(

Been a while since I did pail hits

Hahaha... Oh my goodness, the processing is so tedious! Indeed, I guess you really purged it!
Keep puffin´ for a high!

cool ive made some before its fun to do...
be well

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