Tokarev-T3 Autoflower from Afterthought Autos X 20%+ CBD Cut of Canna-Tsu

5 months ago

I Am So Looking Forward to These Seeds!

This is the second Tokarev-T3 I've run from Afterthought Autos. I was so impressed with the first one, I'm crossing it with my high CBD cut of Canna-Tsu. The cut I call "Tsue." The health, vigor and sheer flower density of the Tokarev T3 caught my attention first, the fruity/citrus terpene profile held it until we ran out. lol

Tsue is a specific plant of Canna-Tsu, sporting a 20%+ CBD level, with an 8-9% THC level, and an orange citrus terpene profile. It's a cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. I've had her around for several years now and she's awesome.

Some of you may remember my post on the easy and reliable way of feminizing cannabis using STS. Do you remember the awful looking reversal photo at the end? The Tsue cut I was using STS solution I'd mixed 9 months earlier and stored in my fridge?
Yep... the pollen turned out great. :D

Store Your Pollen!!

Seriously! I included the instructions in the tutorial on saving your pollen, and I strongly recommend you take the time as well. I have enough pollen for at least a dozen plants, from one little reversed clone. Imagine the pollen produced by a 4' plant! :D

Since I dropped the moisture content before freezing it, this pollen should last for a good 10 years at least. The viability will slowly go down, but I should still have enough good pollen for seeds in 10 years. :)
I plan to reverse a several foot tall clone in the next year. Since Tsue has the CBD and terpenes I'm looking for, I'm sure there will be other strains I'll want to cross. Collecting and storing the pollen means losing the cut would not be a complete loss.

Do YOU Have Reversed Females? Let's See Them!!

15 years ago, I never thought I'd be happy to see male flowers. lol Let's see the photos!

Go BE Awesome!!

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What do you mean by reversed female?


Hi :)

Good question. A "reversed female" is a female cannabis plant which has been flowered out without ethylene being present. Without ethylene, the flowers cannabis produces are all male flower, which drop pollen.

I reverse my females using Silver Thiosulfate Solution(STS). How to make STS and feminize cannabis HERE.

Feminized Pollen is the Result

Since the female plant does not have the male genetics, the pollen which is produced will only make "feminized" seeds. 99.9% of the plants grown with these seeds will be female. ;)