How CBD could potentially kill the Tobacco industry

last year

Tobacco industry generates billions of dollars every year. Excluding many illicit tobacco trades which take place across borders, the top four companies just in the United states made 35 billion dollars in 2010. Isn't this a weird time to be living in? I never knew killing people could make you a billionaire. While I would like to save my rant of the wonders of tobacco for another day, I'm going to be focusing on how CBD could be the Knight in shining armor.

A brief intro to CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is the non psychoactive chemical present in Cannabis. When ingested, CBD does not get you high or make you crave for munchies.Then why take it? Said the voice in your head!

Well, it has worked wonders medically, relieving pain and anxiety. It has also been clinically proven to be an effective treatment for certain types of childhood epilepsy and neurological disorders. Apparently this will not be part of clinical practice until "high quality" clinical research is established. What a shame!!

In simplistic terms you can think of Cannabis as the loving mother, CBD being the mature brother and THC is the mischievous one ;)

The Plot

Two groups of 15 who smoked regularly, were chosen to test the effects of CBD. While one of the groups were given 800 mg orally, the other group received placebos. Hooked up to machines monitoring their heart rate and blood pressure, both the groups were shown "pictorial tobacco cues." Basically their attempt to trigger you to check for withdrawal symptoms by showing images of people smoking, drinking or partying. (Not) To my surprise the group who were given CBD held up well, reducing the urge to smoke with in them. Similar studies conducted in 2013 ended up with the same results. The groups were given CBD inhalers and placebos respectively. The group which was given the CBD inhalers reduced their cigarette intake by 40%. The number is astounding. This is the reason why it won't get mainstream adoption. Can you imagine the damage it would cause to the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies if their revenue stream dropped by 40%? There's no way they would let that happen, not yet at least.

Anecdotal Evidence

Rewind to three years back! I used to smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Wouldn't call myself a heavy smoker....during the weekdays :P Weekends were off limits. Out of control. There were days when I smoked little over a full pack, close to 30. I would have to drink hot water and stay off anything cold for the next day or two. Yes it used to get bad. The congested feeling in my chest got to me so bad one day, that I decided to take a break from smoking cigarettes. A long one. So I started to roll joints every time I craved for nicotine and guess what? It did wonders. I quit smoking completely for three full years up until now where I smoke occasionally, maybe with a beer or two.


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it is evident that the CBD would help people to solve problems of addictions and anxiety would lower suicide rates, the legalization of the CBD would affect both the pharmaceutical industry and the tobacco and alcohol industry would be very relaxed to drink alcohol hahaha


I think this also one the problem MJ is having, those people will reject what it good for the world and keep giving people the opposite. Meanwhile most of those drugs we take today have some real time illegal drug in them.

CBD will go mainstream,..once enough testing shows proven benefits of something that's been used for thousands of years it will be like any other vitamin you take. It's already widely available, used by influencers like artists and athletes, and sold to us by the government :)


Definitely. While I feel there are quite a few clinical tests to back up claims, wouldn't harm to be more precise.


Absolutely, and I'm sure the flood gate has just opened for testing now that cannabis is legal here in Canada.