Radula, a plant that can be called the 'new' cannabis.

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Did you know that there is a plant in Latin America that contains a variant of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this is the main psychoactive substance present in plants of the Cannabis genus, which is used in the medical field to treat certain types of pain, muscle cramps, dizziness and loss of appetite and for recreational use.

What the hell is radula?

The radula belongs to the family Radulaceae, of which about 300 species are known, it is a native plant of countries like New Zealand, Costa Rica and Japan. It is awakening the interest of scientists thanks to its medicinal and recreational effects similar to those of the marijuana

Contains a substance called perrottetineno, this is a name given by the Japanese Yoshinori Asakawa, who studied the plant in 1994. He explains in his study that it exerts analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that could be superior to those of THC.

We must bear in mind that the Radula plant does not belong to the genus Cannabis, but it can also be considered "moderately potent, very effective cannabinoid." Compared to marijuana, they differ in terms of potency and, possibly, adverse effects.

An investigation gave results in which showed that the effects of the substance influence 44 points of the central nervous system and concluded that, as with marijuana, the THC of the radula can accumulate in the brain.

Recreational use

So far it has been proven with tests in mice that the recreational effects are less strong (than those provided by cannabis), but the radula may offer a greater opportunity for medicinal applications.

Medicinal use

Formerly and currently in the archipelago the plant is historically used as "rongo", the traditional Maori medicine, based on the properties of herbs.

There is no doubt that this plant is great, just as cannabis is a blessing on earth, with this article you are not looking for less than any plant. At all, it seeks to promote information about them, the Radula is legal throughout the world for now, let's hope it does not become illegal because it is called the future cannabis.

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The person who found about this ...
Just trying to wonder if the person smokes up new leaves for a living. #radula


I also imagine that the one who found out about this was a scientist who used cannabis and one day he did not have it, consumed radula and learned very well and associated it with cannabis haha ​​XD

This is so interesting! There's an entire genus of these types of plants. Wow......just wow!


If bro, there are also several types of radula, but it is difficult to decipher what it is, in my locality they say that this thing exists but I would not like to be my own experiment haha

This is amazing. Yes it's an immature comment, but when can we try smoking it!


Haha when you want a friend, I would like to make a mixture of cripie and radula LOL

That's a pretty interesting plant! some real possibilities for use.


Its additive is very powerful in terms of medicinal, with this they plan to do good things. I just hope it is not an obstacle to cannabis.

This has some great potential. Hope we start doing more reaserches


If friend, it is also a very strange plant, I would never have thought that this had thc. Let's hope good releases.

Look at the chomes on that!!


It's beautiful XD

Oh wow. I never heard about it. This is great. Great news for the medical community. I love hearing about new healing herbs. Specially legal ones. Resmoked.

I'm from latin america, and i never was listed about it, i'm going to search some and try it. Later i will do a review about it.