Don't forget to check your wallets!

2 years ago

[EDIT Mon 19th]

Round 3 entries close midnight Sunday wherever you are. Watch out for the winner announcements to coming up. 3 entries this week, but i have some judging to do and strange anomalies to resolve. Hang tight!



Ok so it seems winners come easy and I can't find properly the prizes I promised ... So for this round on, this will be the prize pool.

So for Round 3, just in case!

  • Winning Prize will receive 50 SMOKE and a 5 SMOKEBIT post vote
  • Second Prize will receive 25 SMOKE and a 3 SMOKEBIT post vote
  • Third Prize will receive 15 SMOKE and 2 SMOKEBIT post vote

All valid runner-up Post Entries will be rewarded.




Check the rules - and your wallet - carefully! You need to #catch420 that has occurred after Monday and before this Sunday on this round (or check for competitors, maybe you have a better entry).

Real Tips! Entries are judged on:

  • ReSmoke this or any @easyrider #Catch420 post
  • how close you are - from .418 - .422 do have a chance if nobody can get closer than you.
  • Time between the decimal .420 appearing on your wallet 'Rewards' or 'Claims' you making a post about it.
  • Quality of your post entry (decider if draw)

Check out these previous posts to get the hang of it. Check your wallet and be quick, to win 50 SMOKE for the fastest, dead on catch of the week!

More Chances to Win Catch420
Catch420 is on - Check Your Wallet

Good Luck! Good Smoke!

[email protected]

Good Luck! You have until whenever it will be the last to reach midnight Sunday 18th November on our spinning blue-green orb.

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Hey @easyrider
who is the winner of this contest?


Sorry I’m catching up ... have 3 entries to go over tomorrow then round 4 begins Monday :)


okay man

Hey @easyrider
Here is my Entry

@easyrider... bro, that is not an easy contest, Lol.
I´ve been trying to watch out but the combinations are just far away from the ,420... at any rate, I´ll still watch out... Cheers!


this week i had a ,930 a ,720 and all sorts ... but no .420!

I love this contest but so unfortunate my curation and author reward will never be around that range. I pook forward to that special day.


Your current vote is 0.119 smoke which means you could easily curate 1.000 smoke or more or anywhere in between if done correctly. In fact idk what the upper bounds is, I've goten 8 smoke before and I was voting under 1 smoke.
Curation is basically magic, vote for original content.


Everyone can play. This game was designed to be inclusive and yes a 0.1 vote can generate .999 or more in curation rewards ! you have less power? Get curating! Whole aim of the comp - Curating and Commenting creates chances to win!


I believe you are wrong my friend! Make honest efforts and comments like this and you shall grow here easily, especially now it is early dayz!

It is also only decimal place we are looking for! ~easy :)


Make a post and if nobody beats .418 by end of round then it is yours ...


nice :D i'm in

im getting closer, 423 ..

Screenshot (308).png