The Cannasseur Programme Update & Improvements

2 years ago

From a seed to a sprout, the cannasseur programme is 1 day old and has made it's first of many improvements as to allow small content creators and curators a chance to shine and for those on the platform to enjoy the network to it's fullest.

1. The list of cannasseur's will rotate weekly

This will allow content creators a chance to work hard to make it into the weekly programme. If you have been chosen before, it will require at least one week out of the programme before being considered again.

2. Cannasseur's will get 1 vote a day and be able to choose which content they use the vote on!

Once chosen to be a cannaseur you can call the cannaseur by commenting on your own post/ or a fellow smokers post by commenting: "!cannasseur".

This will allow those on the programme to still use the platform to post memes and other content that may not fit the strict content guidelines

Cannasseur's that abuse this by calling @cannasseur more than once will have votes removed and will not be eligible to call cannasseur again

3. @cannasseur will start voting as soon as it is called.

This will allow those on the cannasseur programme to decide when to summon the vote, in order to reward content creators, or themselves, and curators how they see fit.

4. Excellent curators can now become a part of the programme

Cannasseur curators will be able to call @cannasseur once a day to a post they think is awesome by commenting on a community post by commenting: "!cannaseur".

Same rules as creators will apply and cannasseur curators that abuse this by calling @cannaseur more than once will have votes removed and will not be eligible to call cannaseur again

Cannasseurs Update:

This weeks cannasseurs:

@plug, @goldendawne, @waybeyondmunchie, @jezsmith720, @simplisick, @masterroshi, @dreamteam, @howhigh, @lexsmoke, @mjgeeks, @thanos, @jessica, @jwolf, @tecnosgirl , @green-der

With power comes responsibility. . .

Only exceptional content creators and curators that follow the content guidelines, as well as our strict content requirements found in the docs, will be invited to join the programme by the team.


If you find a user that is part of the Cannasseur Programme, violating these rules please report them by commenting on this post or tagging @cannasseur.


Please leave suggestions on how to improve the programme and of your favorite authors and curators in the comments below so they can be added for consideration for next weeks cannasseurs.

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I definitely like it better if they can donate their cannaseur vote to someone they think is deserving, should they feel like it.

Would it even make sense to make it something where one has to vote for someone else using the command? Then that author get transfered vote power of the curators like a game of tag and have to pay it forward? Then the bot could resmoke the posts as well, "Here's what a cannaseur curator thought was worth the communitie's vote."

The image for #2 looks like a green dick when the rest of it is off the screen,

A dick with a toenail maybe...becoming erect at an alarming rate.

Those are the two things I thought about this post, have a happy Halloween!


The mind sees what it wants to see. xD


Great Idea on the paying it forward thing.. I will have to think more about this during the week.


Lol xD

Great improvements! :)

First.. I wanted to thank all of the people behind the initiative of the Cannasseur Programme. This is one way, a very crucial way, to grow communities and keep the retention rates at high levels. Kudos to you all!

Second... I LOVE how the update to the programme is explained. You have spelled out the simple rules and this makes it so easy to follow and understand.

Third... I have been giddy with excitement this week to see how the members have come together to make this platform grow. From the ones who watch for plagiarism (HUGE pet peeve of mine) to making sure newcomers are welcome.

And finally... I am excited to see the growth of this programme, the SMOKE.oi members (as we all settle into the platform) and how we support one another. I am such a geek and dork with writing, blogging and everything in my life and the members here have been so wonderful to me, my sharing and posts. GREAT group of cannabis lovers we have here!


I think everyone on this platform can see the value you offer up to us, firsthand!
Whenever anyone has asked me or I've seen a question, pertaining to "Who produces the most original content." I always think of you. Your rate of growth has superseded mine greatly (You've got around 2,400 SP and I've got about 1,500 SP!) and all I can say about that, is that you're more than deserving! You've offered up so much original content, on a consistent basis and haven't overposted/crap(Watching my language! ;P)posted or sacrificed any quality in your posts to provide consistent posts.

You're the model for what growers and just active members who engage the community period, should be more like! Everyone should keep their originality/individuality, but having a mould or a meta to follow, that breeds success, is definitely a positive thing!

You've had my backing from the beginning and you're one of the first people I ever interacted with on a real level here about a month ago now! Glad to have met you and have had the interactions we have! Looking forward to many more! Glad that I can be considered worth the same caliber of quality as you! Although I feel you're so much higher above me. ;)

Best wishes for the future! I know it's bright.
Peace and Love!


Oh my word!
thank you for kind words!

You actually made me smile from ear-to-ear!

I love sharing my stories about growing, different techniques I've tried (and failed at- yeah I a few of those coming one day) and it's great to have a platform of like-minded people to share with.

Nice work that you are doing for us all on the platform. Good job guys/gals let's keep up the good work that we have all done so far. #PeaceLoveCannabis

Just my two cents but I don’t think you should include members that were removed. It does not benefit the community and only enabled drama. I think we should just focus on the positive and deal with the drama on a personal level if needed.

That was nice... But still, I can't understand? Hehehe...

Thanks for giving us Cannasseur Programme and Improve it..
This is awesome place where we can see the great quality content made by members selected by programme and share the best ideas in the spirit of unity..
Keep it up..

I noticed I had received a vote from the program! Thank you for the honor! I would love to be able to give my votes out, as I feel that would be a much better use for them. I can't add value to a post like the cannasseur account can. This will allow me to give unnoticed/undervalued posts that I find, some pretty major value! I think this is absolutely crucial to the program, as the cannasseurs chosen will be able to distribute their value around as they see fit, if they do not wish to take advantage of the rewards directly!

Considering the guidelines for the program and such, I will be making sure my behavior (this obv applies to the language aspect, distinctly. :P ) is on top of it's game. As to set an example for all cannasseurs.


Did you read #2 above? You can give your vote out every day.. Just call the cannasseur

Awesome! It's good to see the official smoke team working activitely on curation! Another platform I won't mention could take an example from this! :)

From seed to sprout!

Learning and growing!

Appreciate the update...

Hopefully​,​ I do this right 😅

Okay how is it that it should go into the comments. WIth or without quotes? Cause I found a piece I have tried to call you to but it hasn't worked. I thought because I made a comment along with !cannaseur that was why it didn't work so I recommented !canneseur and that didn't work either so I then quoted it and still didn't work. (Same post) This is the post I am trying to call you to, if you could look and comment what I did wrong I would appreciate it.


Without quotes.. 2 'ss' in !cannasseur ;)

.. I will add some regex rules soon so that it still works with a few combinations/errors.


Okay gonna make attempt 3 on giving it tl this piece lol

!cannasseur testing regex rules!

Moving forward and looking better :) Stay high up there and bring others with you.

Thanks for helping the community!