Cannasseur Programme | The Best Of Smoke Cannasseurs Volume #2

2 years ago

The Best Of Smoke Cannasseurs Volume #2

The following posts are among the best posts the cannasseur was called too by the cannasseurs over the past week!

Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana Wax (THC Dabs) | @cathodion

Smoking wax dabs is rapidly picking up in notoriety so users need to know the most ideal approach to smoke wax. Dab wax weed is an exceptionally concentrated type of pot with high rates of wax thc and different cannabinoids. Read more here

Australian Political Party Introduces Policy to Legalise Marijuana | @bud

The Greens political party in Australia, announced that they will be calling for full Cannabis legalisation in Australia. This is the first political party with current seats in parliament to announce this policy towards legal marijuana. Read more here.

A Tour To The Cannabis Grow Shop in Andalucia, Southern Spain | @indaymers

This grow shop is located in Torrox, an andalucian whitewashed village that is around 50 km east of the Malaga Airport. The village is divided into two areas , the one they call Torrox Pueblo and the coastal area named Torrox Costa. Read more here.

TCQueen at Lone Star Rally 2018- Galveston, Texas | @txcannabisqueen

When you think of a motorcycle rally, I bet you tend to automatically think of South Dakota and Sturgis that draws over 750,000+ bikers over a 10 day Bike Week event. It is definitely a HUGE event, and a sight to see. Read more here.

The Confusion About CBD Cannabis Oil | @lordoftruth

There is a lot of confusion about CBD cannabis oil, its effects, for this reason, I came up with this post to light and to clarify these issues. Read more here

How to eliminate mites in cannabis plants | @thanos

Mites are possibly the worst invaders that can attack cannabis plants, and that is why it is very important to know how to eliminate these arachnids from plants. Read more here

My first weed experience | @jessica

Yeah my first time of smoking was kinda fun, the experiences I had made me never want to stop having them so guess what? I keep smoking. Read more here

The effect of cannabis on children? | Does Weed Make You Lazy? | @jwolf

One of the arguments used by those advocating to maintain the illegal status of marijuana is that marijuana paves the way for more dangerous drugs. Read more here

How to "TUCK" Your Joints so You Don't Need a Crutch/Filter | @douglas.curtis

I roll them in a way which does not leave bits of cannabis in your mouth, like an unfiltered tobacco cigarette tends to do. Read more here

Free markets and freedoms | @raz

Many people get attached to the theory of something, the ideal, the narrative, the sales pitch and decide that this held view is the way things should be. It is not the truth. Instead of watching what is actually happening, they are continually acting on what they believe is happening. Read more here

Updates & Improvements

For the past few weeks, we have been meticulously watching users that produce great content and curate awesome works, join the Smoke Network and to foster and reward growth the Cannasseur Programme was born.

Cannasseur is constantly evolving and improving to provide value to the community and reward those that have added value to the community. Please read the updates regularly to find the latest improvements to the programme.

The following members where part of the programme week during weed #1 : @plug, @goldendawne, @waybeyondmunchie, @rawpride, @jezsmith720, @simplisick, @masterroshi, @dreamteam, @howhigh, @lexsmoke, @mjgeeks, @thanos, @jessica, @jwolf, @tecnosgirl , @green-der

The !cannaseur was called 33 times in total by @jessica, @tecnosgirl, @jwolf, @thanos, @jezsmith720, @goldendawne, @lexsmoke.

1. Weekly Rotation:

The following users are on the list for week 2 and will be able to call the !cannasseur:

@waybeyondmunchie, @simplisick, @masterroshi, @dreamteam, @howhigh, @mjgeeks , @green-der ( - These users did not call the cannasseur during week 1 and have been pushed over to week 2 so that they can utilize the perc)

@mrspacely, @cathodion, @jonyoudyer, @mjgeeks, @raz, @bongripper427, @acid, ( - New users added that have shown exceptional work in either content creation or curation)

2. Cannasseur's will get 1 vote a day and be able to choose which content they use the vote on!

If you are on the above list for the week, you can call the cannaseur by commenting on your own post/ or a fellow smokers post by commenting: "!cannasseur".


This will allow those on the programme to still use the platform to post memes and other content that may not fit the strict content guidelines

Cannasseur's that abuse this by calling @cannasseur more than once will have votes removed and will not be eligible to call cannasseur again

With power comes responsibility. . .

Only exceptional content creators and curators that follow the content guidelines, as well as our strict content requirements found in the docs, will be invited to join the programme by the team.

This weeks cannasseurs:

@waybeyondmunchie, @simplisick, @masterroshi, @dreamteam, @howhigh, @mjgeeks , @green-der, @mrspacely, @cathodion, @jonyoudyer, @mjgeeks, @raz, @bongripper427, @acid


If you find a user that is part of the Cannasseur Programme, violating these rules please report them by commenting on this post or tagging @cannasseur.


Please leave suggestions on how to improve the programme and of your favorite authors and curators in the comments below so they can be added for consideration for next weeks cannasseurs.

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The nice work team, the cannasseur program motivates me the more.
Congrats the newly selected cannasseurs no doubt they deserve it. Thanks for the update, keep up the good work.

Totally forgot about using the cannasseur call! Thanks for the reminder! I'll for sure be on the lookout for an author with a post that deserves it! :)

Just to make sure, I can use my votes for others, right? I could not recall off the top of my head.. lol


Yep I didn't use any of mine on myself it felt really good to be able to drop a 40 plus smoke on somebody elses good content.

Yay! Thanks for adding me to the @cannasseur programme.....

I'm going to use my privilege as a member to reward high quality posts from newbies.

Thanks for update.
This is awesome place where we can see the great quality content made by members selected by cannasseur programme.
Keep it up..

Oh! Thanks a lot! This is awesome and totally great motivation! :)

Thanks a lot for the recognition. I didn't post in 2 days, which is too much for me, but I was doing other things for the platform.

<3 Let's share some love!

LOVE seeing all these great posts!
There is one I nominated here!

GREAT job everyone!!


Thank you so much @goldendawne....

Congratulations i to all blog feature today. The are all good and interesting topic. KEEP IT HIGH AND CALM.

I love seeing a few of those I called cannasseur on made the issue. Lets me know I truly was able to find good content that is unique for I worked really hard to find new content creators that is not copying and pasting from other sites. (Self Plagiarism is still plagiarism specially if you are not noting it) Love this program think it is a wonderful thing.

Great work. Great curation. Thanks for featuring my post in this weeks feature!

Thank you so much @cannasseur for featuring me here. This is a great initiative offering recognition to content creators... I will strive hard for more meaningful contents.

Wish I had what it takes, guess I work to much to post often enough. Congrats all that have made it.

the canasseur programs is a great way to reward and help good content smoke creators. keep keep up

What I like most about this program is the 2 weekly rotation of who gets to use the !cannasseur call ..

Congrats to all mentioned you did a great job, @indaymers congrats you really did it, happy for ya! Cheers!

!cannasseur testing testing are you with me?