Cannasseur Programme | The Best Of Smoke Cannasseurs Volume #1

2 years ago

For the past few weeks, we have been meticulously watching great content creators join the Smoke Network and to foster and reward great content creators the Cannasseur Programme was born.

The following members have been added to the programme!: @plug, @goldendawne, @waybeyondmunchie, @rawpride, @jezsmith720, @simplisick, @masterroshi, @dreamteam, @howhigh, @lexsmoke, @mjgeeks, @thanos, @jessica, @jwolf, @tecnosgirl , @green-der

To those that feel like they should be a part of the programme, keep creating top quality content and following our strict guidelines and you will be a Cannasseur lickity split.

Check out some of the amazing content produced by our Cannasseur's in the past month

The Best Of Smoke Cannasseurs Volume #1

How Do You Water & Give Nutrients? Consensus Of Which Way Is Best- What's Your Way? | @goldendawne

I don't use five gallon buckets for ALL my girls and I know some people who grow only in five-gallon buckets. I guess it's a personal preference and choice. Once I got to know my plants, I knew what was best for my crops, harvest and girls' best interest.... Read more here.

How To Roll A Spliff | @plug

Nowadays, we can get weed just about anywhere from anyone. With that being said, we all have either smoked a spliff, rolled a spliff, or seen one being rolled. If you have yet to roll one, this will be your initiation, here’s your chance to... Read more here.

Cold Hearted Bitch | @waybeyondmunchie

It's a Blueberry muffins. It's a Trainwreck. Oh! It's a Berry Wreck. Oh my, this might be the last hand-full bud. Scrolling down the phone I'm running out of pics but.. I came up with a thing and I think it could be fun, Yas! Supposed to be a 'yes' but want it rhymed so yas, yas, yas... Read more here.

Bitcoin sideways is getting weird, Cannabis continue to nurse losses | @rawpride

This sideways in bitcoin is getting weird. I've expected sideways, but with some volatility in a range. We're seeing no volatility at all here. Peter Brandt has pointed out that we're seeing a Wyckoff Hinge Pattern, which is an accumulation pattern. Read more here.

🔬Macros of the Week🔬- 📸📆🏆 | @jezsmith720

A little late, but here's my fave shots from the past 2 weeks👌. Read more here.

100% CANNABIS JELLY WAX that you can DAB, VAPE, EAT, & SMOKE | @simplisick

I love me some Brite Labs! This company always has quality oils for an affordable price! This is a company who sent out .5 cartridges of oil free of charge to medical patients a few years back and since then has still been pushing out quality after quality. Read more here.

How to make super soil | @masterroshi

When growing one of your most important ingredients is the medium you choose to grow in. Some folks choose hydroponic methods that require the plants to me suspended in nutrient-rich water but most growers prefer to put their plant into soil... Read more here.

What nutrients do you use? | @dreamteam

I use organic dry top amendment nutrients and have drip lines connect to my 3000 gallon water tank. The water will activate the top amendments and feed the plants over weeks... Read more here.

Drone delivery? Yes, please! Not looking good so far tho... | @howhigh

Many companies are/were looking into the idea of drone delivery for cannabis products.
This, imo, is an absolutely wonderful idea!.. Read more here.

Did You Hear About The Guy That Overdosed On Weed? | @lexsmoke

A couple days ago, I asked a customer. How would you like to consume your cannabis? He responded. Marijuana. ummm... okay... Read more here.

Lowest CBD Cost per 1000 mg by Product Type | @mjgeeks

It's funny. 20 years ago, you never heard much, if anything at all, about CBD. And I'm not sure exactly what happened, but about 2 years ago, my super conservative sister in law started talking about and using CBD. Read more here.

9 common mistakes that should be avoided in growing cannabis outdoors | @thanos

I am going to talk with you several very common mistakes that can ruin your outdoor culture. Read more here.

Support for Cannabis Legalization Continues to Rise | @jessica

Support for cannabis legalization continues to rise as about 62% of Americans backs it,
According to Pew Research Center, six in ten Americans support marijuana legalization and support continues to rise. Read more here.

U.S. company planting Cannabis in Romania & Sells it in U.S. | @jwolf

Medicinal marijuana is legal in our country, but there is no cannabis based medicine on the Romanian market, nor is there any request for marketing such a product. See a more detailed post about that. Read more here.

Show me your Roach Sunday Contest | @tecnosgirl

If you are a regular reader you know that it is time for the "Show me your Roach Sunday" contest. One winner will win 4.20 smoke and this week there is an extra special prize a coffee mug. Read more here.

Unos días después de la legalización de la marihuana en Canadá, se abre el debate sobre la legalización en España. | @green-der

Ojalá que otros países del mundo se decidan a dar este paso, y seguramente empiecen a planteárselo después de ver los beneficios de esta gran industria millonaria que se mueve detrás del cannabis. Precisamente eso es lo que mueve a los gobiernos el dinero... Read more here.

The Cannasseur Programme aims to foster content creators that strive to produce original writings that either informs, entertains, educated, expresses the truths about cannabis and the cannabis culture, and expresses themselves thoughtfully and inclusively.

Only exceptional content creators that follow our strict content requirements will be invited to join the programme by the team. To learn more visit our docs.

UPDATE: We have changed the rules a bit and updated. please check the latest post. Cannasseurs can now call me on your best/fav post of the day, even if it is not your own.

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Looks like a great program and all the featured articles deserve to be there... alas I'll never be accepted on account of my potty mouth. Good luck tho. Following to help support from the sidelines..


I used ass in one of my posts so I don't think it is more of context cause you can curse some without being vulgar.


Never say never bud. You doing a great job and who the fuck cares about the language? :D .. You have to be 21 to use this site anyways.

It is more original content Only posted to that might keep you from being a part of the programme as I notice you cross post to Steemit.

Love your work! Keep it up.


This seems extremely concerning to me if it's just going to auto-upvote its whitelisted people for 40+ SMOKE.
If this is an official project of then I urge you to at least consider what this does to the platform.
Like I love @lexsmoke and will upvote her later, but things like getting 42.32smoke automatically when this is a pre-existing image seems like blatant circle-jerking and reward pool rape.

Obviously, this is someone else's smoke power so you can do what you want, but I want to see smoke be successful.


How can I post a video without first putting it on youtube or another platform as I have some great videos I have shot over the years & I have never posted them anywhere? Thanks for any help! #PeaceLoveCannabis


Video's are an exception, but you should try to write some original content to go with the video IMO


I don't know who this is too @cannasseur? As I was the one asking about videos. I never have uploaded one. As for content I always try my best to add all that I can to a post. Original content✔ My original videos & Photos✔ Only for Smoke.IO✔✔(Gets 2 checks) My posts are all about Cannabis✔ well, Duhh I'm a huge POTSTAR. I do agree with you on writing something to go with the video. Thanks for the reply either way. #PeaceLoveCannabis


You are on our list for consideration.

We have an update coming today that will help give everyone a chance to be supported.


Another example, I love @howhigh and his commitment to removing abuse and plagiarism across smoke is a benefit to the community.
But consider that he's posting daily updates to his contest,
I'm sure he probably appreciates it, but I'm not sure if even he's asking that his next 3 daily reminders should get auto upvoted to 40 some smoke just because he's him.


Because we have chatted over in discord about this, this morning I will keep it short here:

We are monitoring it to see what content creators do once added to the programme and the list will change pretty often to give people a chance to improve their content if they so wish.

It incentivized creators to strive for great content and to gain some percs to putting in extra time and effort.

I agree those two authors should not be on the programme anymore and the idea is to only have outstanding content being voted on.

We will be dropping the vote weight on these while we monitor the effects over the next week.

This will not be an auto-upvote that just upvotes a whitelist. All votes will be monitored.

Thanks for the shout out.

Oh boy, I didn't expect to be here. I will try to improve my articles!

Thanks a lot!

Congrats to everyone. They are all great post that n is for sure..
So sweet to see @rawpride and @goldendawne making the list out of canna-curate


How rad! I appreciate the feature and opportunity 🤘🏼

Smoke on guys! 🌬


We have changed the rules a bit and updated. please check the latest post. . You can now call me on your best/fav post of the day, even if it is not your own.

Awesome🙌! With a new microscope on the way, look forward to some higher res images! I'll make sure to include more descriptive writing within my posts in future. Thanks again!


Cool. .We have changed the rules a bit and updated. please check the latest post. . You can now call me on your best/fav post of the day, even if it is not your own.

What a surprise to be in this list!! I want to say thank you to all of you people. I am so glad to be here and participate in this proyect. Also I want congratulate to all elect people. We will give the best of us.

Smoke relaxed!

There’s already some mind blowing content going on here, and yet another awesome generous reward initiative. just wish I had a legal dispensary full of goodies to show ya’ll but couple of years away from that. Mostly been tending to contests and local news, a bit of what I do get to consume here and there! High grades coming soon. Vietnam war era weed stories in Southeast Asia are also on my agenda - plus whatever I can find happening now. Just have to wait until the next expedition plans are completed :)
Meanwhile I’m also curating and commenting on my spare time plenty ... do check my contest also to see if you can win 50 SMOKE and SMOKEBITs!!!

Congratulations. What an Awesome program....I hope to make it there some day.
I will work on improving my writing skills.

Congrats to all members that have been added to the cannasseur programme and many thanks to Smoke to let us informed and show us the best of Smoke Cannasseurs every month !
Excelent move..
Keep it up..

This is motivation right here! Salute to all the ambassadors!