Who Loves To Smoke & Shredd!?

2 years ago

This image was taken last week at Keystone in beautiful Colorado! Ski season is here early and I am beyond stoked! 

I just made a post about my Airo Pro vaporizer. The little vape is perfect for chairlift tokes! 

Watch out though, the Airo Pro packs a punch and you can get a little too stony baloney up on the slopes. 😁

Stay lifted friends! 


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I do.... but I had a pretty bad crash a few winters ago so now I mostly snow shoe and cross country ski.... But I love smoking my small pear wood pipe out in the snow.


@offgrid , that's rough! At least you're still enjoying nature in the winter. 👍

Nice one will.
I love to surf and appreciate natures wrath.
But i have never tried snow!
I'm sure I'll be great at it. I can't wait to get some one day.