My Favorite THC Vape | The Airo Pro

2 years ago

You have probably seen or even puffed on a cartridge style vape for THC concentrates. They are all the rage right now and they are fairly easy to make and fill your own. 

But if you want to take the game to the next level, check out the Airo Pro vaporizer. It's my favorite because the battery has a vibrator which helps the thick distillate cannabis oil wick into the atomizer (aka coil or heating element). 

Other cartridges typically need to heat up before the THC concentrate can start properly vaporizing. This leads to burning the both the coil and chard residue from previous hits. In my experience you can burn a coil way to easily and ruin the flavor of an entire cartridge. My Airo Pro delivers amazing hits every single time! The vibration is a game changer. 

The Airo Pro has a solid lineup of cartridges. My favorite right now is Northern Lights, but the dispensary was out so I opted for the trusty Girl Scout Cookies.

You can also purchase amazing CBD cartridges of pure distillate cannabis oil for the vape. I have tried both the 1:1 CBD to THC and the 2:1 CBD to THC. I highly recommend them. 

Here are a couple pics of the vape and cartridges: 

The battery retails for around $22 and the cartridges sell for $40-50 depending on the potency and terpene profile.  The cartridges are a little pricey, but they are the best you can get in my opinion. 👍

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Great product!

I think it’s hilarious they had to rebrand from Indigopro!
Looked too much like GoPro! 😹


Yup, my first battery still has the Indigopro logo on it. 😁

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