Creating Awareness of Medicinal Cannabis in Malaysia [MASA]

last year


Today I attended the 1st AGM of the NGO known as MASA - Malaysia Society of Awareness. Taking root in 2011, the people behind the organization have been advocating through marches and awareness campaigns up to the point of officially forming the NGO in 2017.

There has been a substantial amount of activity since the recent sentencing of a 29 year old, who had been treating people with CBD oils and was caught and put on death row. The case caught the attention of the whole country and we have since seen the authorities reduce the sentence, absolving him of the death penalty.

I wrote an article about the news that came out of this case back in September (read here) in case you're interested.


At the AGM there were about 30 people from a variety of backgrounds, including a friend who invited me to attend. His name is Dr. Sakthi and is not only a Doctor but also a Reggae Artist. Before I left he was attending to a young man who was suffering from vision impairment, who was brought in by his mother to find out more about how Cannabis has been able to help him and whether it was safe.

I spoke with the organizers, who told me how things are coming along with their efforts with the government and that now they are working together with India to conduct medical trials in order to show scientific evidence to the Malaysian government and they anticipate that within a year or two we will be seeing significant changes and legalization of Cannabis for medicinal use. This is a huge step!


You can find out more by visiting a related Facebook Page (I told them about Smoke of course!).

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wooow, look at those faces!!! :P :D


It was great to see the community out in support of medicinal cannabis, it's a big thing over here to overcome the stigma the plant has. Progress!