SMOKE EXCLUSIVE music video - original song played on the Hanging Harp (rare instrument)

8 months ago

Smoke what it is! I have been working on a bit of instrumental music and I think it is ready to share with you today. This is a exclusive, you won't hear this on the radio or find it streaming anywhere else. This is the only place I am sharing this unlisted *!&$tube video.

I want to talk for a second about the instrument I am playing. The Hanging Harp is a relatively uncommon instrument, particularly in places of the world where the winds of legalization have not yet swept through with the righteous fury which is surely brewing in the thunderheads of tomorrow.

The hanging harp is not portable and rather is installed in place in a room or shed. The performer will usually coat the fingers with a sticky resinous substance to achieve a louder note whilst plucking the hanging harp strings (similar to a violinist applying rosin to a bow).

This particular piece written for solo hanging harp is monotonal, leaving our conventional musical expectations behind and focusing more on the pulsing rhythms and the intoxicating beauty of the backup dancers.

Without further ado, allow me to present my original composition for hanging harp:

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lol!!! What a tune.


thanks. I am thinking of working up an orchestral score for it. It has always been a dream of mine to play the hanging harp on stage in front of a live orchestra. BTW you must have a keen musical ear as well, not just anyone could discern the intricate nuances of that performance

haha, classic!

Haha, awesome :P