Is it possible to grow marijuana in winter and outdoors?

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Is it possible to grow marijuana in winter and outdoors? Well, the answer is simple: if the weather permits, any time of the year can be good. We know that marijuana plants prefer temperate climates and long hours of sunshine. Also, it is a seasonal plant, and these two conditions occur throughout the spring and summer.

Plants grow when the days grow. And on the summer solstice when the daytime hours begin to fall, he receives the signal that autumn is approaching and he must complete the flowering cycle. Special mention must be made of auto-flowering, which does not depend on photoperiods. With them, we can obtain several annual harvests, provided that the temperatures allow it equally.

With the hours of light that we have in the northern hemisphere and that continue to decrease until the winter solstice, the plants develop more slowly. The cold also becomes more dangerous. At low temperatures, plants have difficulty assimilating certain nutrients. This also slows down their growth and may show shortcomings.


Being the cold is the biggest problem, we can solve this with a small greenhouse. This will concentrate more heat during the day and will keep it a good part of the night. Low temperatures are always worse for the root zone than for the air. And in this aspect, the use of containers manage to maintain the roots at a good temperature. The most gourmets can use warm blankets.

Without the greenhouse, we are exposed to the typical inclemencies of these dates. Rains, storms, hailstorms, frosts ... Each grower knows their area better than anyone, so you must assess whether a crop is feasible in winter or not.


Cuttings always have a great advantage. If we know its origin, we will know how it behaves, what is its flowering period, if it is especially resistant to the harsh winter conditions ... And also, will have a growth that starting from seed at this point can be a few weeks. The best and being able to do it is to grow seeds or cuttings indoors and flourish outdoors.

The most appropriate option is to have a small interior cupboard where we can give the plants a minimum growth of 20-30 cm before taking them out. In addition, the short exterior photoperiod will cause the plants to bloom very early, so in any case, we will deal with specimens of a low-medium size.

Although auto-flowering is an option, better leave it for spring. In equal light conditions, the photo-dependent varieties always produce more than the auto-flowering ones. In addition, you can get larger plants. So regular or feminized, although better always some cutting of some good selection.


In winter the plants need fewer fertilizers. The growth is lower and therefore the consumption of nutrients is also. With low temperatures or large variations in degrees between day and night, plants also have more difficulty assimilating, among other nutrients, potassium.

Dark colored plants are common in winter crops. From blacks to purples, in their leaves or also in their buds. Varieties that in summer are completely black, with mild or low temperatures can acquire spectacular tones. And many growers agree that the same variety resin more in winter. Resin production, after all, obeys a system of self-defense in adverse weather conditions.

And finally, we will also fight against humidity. But on the other hand, the absence of plagues is quite common in these dates. The use of preventives against fungi will guarantee free plants among others, botrytis or powdery mildew. The harvests will be smaller because the hours of sun and the weather are not comparable to those of the summers. But the satisfactions are comparable.


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i didnt know they can grow in extreme weather ... good job

Nice experiment.


Thanks for the comment!!

Not outdoors.... mine rotted in 1st frost

yes alawys possible to grow marijuana in winter and outdoors?

Sounds a lot better than an field full of nothing.

I've done that but not intentionally

great . Marijuana never stops growing