Today's Smoke - Unknown Oil

8 months ago

Today is going to be a good day, just picked up some unknown oil from the friendly neighborhood drug dealer.


Based on my 12 years experience making concentrates, I'd say this is some fast dip 1st wash iso oil. It seems to be done quite well except it could have used a little more heat to remove the last traces of alcohol. Amber in color when spread on paper, with little to no taste of the solvent.

It seem to do the trick reducing the back pain I have experienced for the last two months, while still providing a good head high.

8/10 Overall score

Today I will smoke it on an ash bed in my pipe, or mix it in a joint if I need to share.

On a side note, 7 more days until I can test the products available from the NSLC!

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Dam man you sure it is oil haha. I love making oil tho


Yeah lol, I hate the look of a syringe but you can get every last drop of oil out easily. Smoking it on an ash bed doesn't help appearances any either.

2 RCMP officers live within viewing distance of my deck, they probably think I'm a crazy crackie smoking my heroin wrong


HAHA that's so funny them thinking look at this NEWB junkie smoking black tar like weed

Hope it hits the right spot for you my friend, enjoy.


Thanks! It has hit the spot so far.