Today`s Smoke - Chemo

9 months ago

Chemo (maybe)



Obtained from the local "guy" so ya never really sure what you are getting. He claims this is "Chemo". It has a slightly sweet smell with the classic hint of skunk.

Seems to do the trick for pain, and gives one a deep hunger. Unlike regular munchies I seem to crave a real meal with this stuff. I'd say it's pretty good for $6.50 / g

Whatever this is, it's causing a lot of naps!

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Nice it looks pretty dank. I had 2 g's chemo i picked up as top end strain from my local shop and it was junk.
6.50 a g is a good price.


When I go to the local shop the guy running it is quite honest thankfully, and lets me know what's what with each strain. If something is over/under valued he lets me know. I ask for the best high per dollar available and usually get hooked up pretty good.


Nice i am finding most i go into here are still profit only. but i mean they are all shady here in Ontario,Canada till Oct likely April. Maybe come then we can have some good ones or i will be able to have one open .