Today's Smoke - Bubba Kush

2 years ago

Bubba Kush

Obtained from the friendly neighborhood drug dealer I have some Bubba Kush. Bubba is one of my favorite strains for relaxation, sleep and forgetting stress.


This Bubba ran me $7/g, and is a fair quality for the price. It is going to hit my munchies budget hard though, I nearly ate everything I had that was easy to make today. For some reason I didn't get any work done either.

The Deal

Cost: $7 CAD / g

Quality: 8/10 - Has minor leaf and stems.

Packaging - 3/10 - Clear ziploc, no strain info.

Buying Process - 7/10 - You never know what to expect from
your friendly neighborhood drug dealer.

Overall - 7/10 - Good product for the price.



The 17th is fast approaching, legalization for Canadians is almost here. Soon I can start a small grow, and start comparing available product sources. Maybe even get around to doing some bud giveaways (within Canada only)!

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those look likr they tasted quite sweet!

What did it taste like, just kush? Looks better than nothing for 7/gram.


Good question, there is a hint of a coffee and smoke taste, but mostly kush


I'd give it a try.

Do I need to migrate to Canada? Lol.


If you want legal weed at a federal level Canada is the place to be.

Gotta love the bubba kush. I think it might be one the kush strains that is from 1 side of Canada to the other


Oh yeah everyone loves Bubba. You're right too from Newfoundland to BC there's loads of Bubba growing in the basement.

Wow that looks awesome, I'm so jealous you've got me salivating. :o)



Voll Geil

You taskmanager from steemit?


Yes, conformable if necessary.