Pakistan Karachi ranked number two in Cannabis-consuming cities in the world

2 years ago


Karachi, where Cannabis is illegal, has been ranked as the second-largest consumer of cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, among 120 cities, according to a study by Seedo, an Israel-based company that sells devices to grow cannabis at home.

The next door neighbor, India’s New Delhi and Mumbai are placed among the top 10 cities of the world with the highest rate of cannabis’s consumption per year, confirmed by Seedo’s 2018 Cannabis Price Index.

It is known that such South Asian cities manage to sell the cheapest marijuana in the world, approximately priced from Rs.100 to Rs.500 for a gramme of lower quality.


Seedo concentrated the consumption and pricing of cannabis by focusing at the most and least weed-consuming countries around the globe.

From there, it analysed nations with the legal, illegal and partial factor in recent times to complete the final list of 120 cities.

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Hopefully these nations will all legalize cannabis in the future, liberating their people from prohibition 👌


I dont think Pakistan will legalize cannabis.


But there is plenty going on with cannabis in Pakistan which you could write about....haina? Write about your experience with smoking - I know there is probably fear of being caught etc, but you can keep personal details (names, places, faces) out. Posting original cannabis-related content is the best way to advance on this platform.....good luck bhai :D