Health Benefits of Weed.

2 years ago

Hi Beautiful people,

In early days of my life, I have seen guys both eat and drink, smoke weed which all have its benefits and effect but most time the effect arose when it is seriously abused.


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Below are few Health Benefits of Weed I am sure of...

  • Weed leafs (Cannabis) are high in Vitamins, Minerals and fiber: The raw cannabis leafs are pure and excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber keeping in mind that vitamins are essential for blood system especially help built immune systems to stand strong against diseases with Vitamin K essential nutrients for blood clothing.

  • These leafs are also rich in iron which is good for food, for blood oxygenation, calcium which is essential for bones and folate which is also good for DNA repair according to WHO (World Health Organizations).

  • According to test results in one of the Columbia University weed are also very good as antioxidants which are essentials for our body because they provide and protect the body with defence system.

  • Using Marijuana in your cooking has no effect compare to being abused or inhaling because of its carcinogens nature which can directly affect lungs according to a California Hospital.


Image Credit from Pixabay


I will definitely love to have some cannabis leads for cooking at home. Homely made food with cannabis in it are safe as long as you are not abusing it by using too much of it to get you into a high state. This is my humble submission.


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