How Did Weed Become Illegal? Facts about the Cannabis Prohibition

2 years ago

The war on cannabis is a long-lasting standing one that began way back in the 1900s. What many people don't know that there was a time when cannabis was like any other drug in the stores; sold and consumed, unlike the hidden usage we see today.

According to case studies, Cannabis is the least harmful compared to other legalized drugs like nicotine and alcohol. In fact, in America alone, close to a half a million people die due to nicotine and its related effects while 50,000 die due to the alcohol-related impacts annually.

So, what's the fuss all about? For what reasons was marijuana made illegal? Here are a few shocking revelations that led to the banning of our most loved plant.

weed history in the states

Immigrant's Used Marijuana in America

All other reasons that have mushroomed are stemming up under this fundamental cause of the immigrants in South America. Well, they did not introduce marijuana in America, if anything; they found America already delving in the side effects of cannabis.

The first primary reason marijuana was made illegal was the influence the immigrants were perceived to recreate on the norms of the hosts. In America, the drug was used for medical purposes, but the Mexico-Americans introduced recreation as a secondary use that went well with every other user.

Two, the same immigrants were associated with the anti-Chicano Movement in the 1930s; A more reason why cannabis was illegalized.

In 1936, Bureau Of Narcotics (BON) banned the marijuana and hemp industries and scheduled a five-year campaign plan against cannabis. The plant was associated with anti-social behaviors like rape and addiction. Precisely, after this, the war on marijuana cropped from left, right, and center as we see below.

Non-Medical Uses of Marijuana

Among the uses of marijuana, medical applications are not one of them at the national scale in America. Though, this is contentious as well. It is alleged that marijuana was a threat to big pharmaceuticals. Let's looks at this from a more in-depth angle that led to more reasons marijuana was made illegal in the US.

In 1970, President Richard Nixon enhanced the war on drugs where marijuana was one of the targets under the new law-Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The controversial circumstance around the medical ban seems to have unnatural forces behind them.

Traditionally, cannabis has been effective in reducing pain by a significant margin than most of the prescribed drugs. At the same time, the cancer patients have used it to mitigate the effects of cancer treatment like boosting appetite and on spasticity cases.

With such at hand, pharmaceuticals felt tilted towards losing the market to cannabis. That intensified the war against marijuana. However, in some cities like Bakersfield, and Irvine, the medical use of marijuana have been legalized but still more restrictions on the quantity to plant, to transport and where to consume it from.

Therefore, fear on business rivalry is one of the reasons marijuana was made illegal if this allegations hold water in the long run.

Health Effects of Marijuana

The states in America that have allowed the medical uses of marijuana, only allow from the age of 21 years and above. The basic reason being the mental health that supposedly marijuana causes in the eventually.

Scientifically, the brain grows up to the age of 21. Prolonged use of weed will interfere with the process causing the cognitive challenges to the consumer. That means the user will not be able to give quick responses to stimulus, as well as develop impaired judgment.

Studies have shown that people with a family history of mental illnesses are very vulnerable to psychotic effects that cannabis causes to users. Most users tend to develop anxiety, fear, and panic. These can lead to loss of mental ability to control oneself and therefore one of the reasons marijuana was made illegal in the US.

American Influence on Weed

When America raised war against marijuana, many other countries doubled the efforts including many African and Asian states. The move significantly contributed the reasons marijuana was made illegal in many other countries in the world including the US’s colonies during the WWII.

The war on cannabis has taken many dimensions since the 1930s when the immigrants caused a vibrant use on it. Laws have passed on planting weed, transporting and consumption. They range from the medical application, social impact and the fear of addiction for the users who take it as a gateway drug.

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Really good article and a must read for anyone that lives in USA and loves cannabis :)


Always appreciate your feedback :) @cannabis

Great article buddy. I thing the main reason why it became illegal was because of the potential threat this plant posed for the pharmaceutical companies. They they like loosing money which is why they waged war against cannabis. Very sad but these people only care about financial gains and not betting humanity.

Woow interesting DQmcG5qntqqMR6DxWLBGerJrXQFkhXbTYKVnREGH2EHUy2V.gif DQmcG5qntqqMR6DxWLBGerJrXQFkhXbTYKVnREGH2EHUy2V.gif DQmcG5qntqqMR6DxWLBGerJrXQFkhXbTYKVnREGH2EHUy2V.gif


Thanks!! @eon

Now I hate Nixon even more. Looking at him makes Trump not seem so bad ...

sumamente interesante este blog, espero que los gobernantes sean más consciente y abolan esta absurda ley..

...and fuck William Randolph Hearst

wow thank you for the knowledge buddy

Back when I was in school I used to do a lot of my reports on marijuana criminalization. Marijuana was criminalized by fake science, fake news and racism. Thanks Harry J Anslinger