Where's the best place to take a pot friendly holiday? - Your Cannabis Tourism Guide

2 years ago

Cannabis tourism is increasingly becoming popular due to its legalization in more places around the world. If you are a weed lover and you are looking for an unforgettable experience consider one of the below great spots

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo by Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash

No marijuana destination is complete without Amsterdam. Be sure of over 200 cannabis cafes and annual High Time Cannabis Cup. It is the biggest tourist attraction, the source of livelihood and tax income.

It among those places where you will find a unique experience where you walk into ‘’coffee shop’’ and buy marijuana from an extensive choice of menu, light it up right there and while you are done take visit the world largest flower garden in Keukenhof or any city’s museum.

Portland, Oregon

Photo by Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

It boosts of being the first state in the US to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Portland is known for having bohemian cannabis culture.

You do not have to worry; this city is at the forefront of marijuana movements and social activism. It is also the largest chapter of NORML in the US!

Nimbin, Australia

Photo by Samuel Dixon on Unsplash

It is described as a hippie sanctuary; it's in the hills of northern New South Wales, a quaint and quiet town whose residents are less than 400.

You can plan for a visit for the annual MardiGrass festival which brings pot lovers from all corners.

Seattle, Washington

Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

It adopted the legal medical marijuana law which eliminates criminal penalties for users who have documentation from a certified physician.

It is among the greenest cities in the country, recently it attorney general announced that marijuana possession cases would no longer be prosecuted, Yay!

It hosts the Seattle Hempfest, the largest pot rally which brings many people.

Vancouver, Canada

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

Vancouver is a great player in both legal and medical cannabis market.

It boosts of the highest grade bud in North America, its illegal to carry marijuana without a medical license in Bc but if you are caught with less than a quarter ounce you are also free, no police will hold you.

It has an abundance of sunshine, water and forest. Additionally, there are numerous friendly cannabis diner and cafes that allow smoking though they are not sellers.

Prague, Czech Republic

Photo by Dylan Fout on Unsplash

It one of the most friendly marijuana countries you have ever known, its proud of the liberal drug laws which decriminalize not only weed but also cocaine, LSD and Speed.

The beauty of it all is that people are allowed to grow up to five plants in their houses and up to possession of 15 grams. The city offers a relaxed atmosphere and you don’t have to be paranoid you may get in trouble.

Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Jessica To'oto'o on Unsplash

It is one of the first countries in Europe to decriminalize marijuana.

The law allows its citizens to grow and use only personal quantities and does not permit public buying and selling.

It is claimed that possessing 40 grams is legal.

Furthermore, privacy law in Spain if it is a crime there must be a victim, thus if there is no complain, no problem.

If you want to have a climaxing experience plan a visit during festivals such as Spannabis and High Life Expo, this is complete cannabis celebration. It also has scenic beaches and beautiful people.

Kingston, Jamaica

Photo by Kristen Sturdivant on Unsplash

You may expect that in this land you will have to be careful, it is in this list because by the mention of marijuana people will often assume that in Jamaica you can rampantly find this product available.

You can be sure to enjoy the reggae culture, beaches and beautiful weather But NOTE that Weed is technically illegal in Jamaica. People offer to sell their strains, even pot-sampling tour are readily available but must prove that you are not the police.


Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash

According to the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crimes, about 18 per cent of the population smokes weed.

They are known for being the happiest people on earth, smoke the northern lights and enjoy watching the northern lights; its citizens smoke more pots than anywhere in the World.


Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

It is the recent state to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes, as at 2016 there were few companies offering marijuana tour, but soon Las Vegas is going to be one of the popular destinations.


Photo by Paxson Woelber on Unsplash

Tourism is rising in Alaska due to the recent legalization of cannabis in addition to its scenic beauty. There are many marijuana storefronts where you are sure to enjoy your pot of flavour.

San Francisco

Photo by Amogh Manjunath on Unsplash

For anyone in the mood of serious mindfulness, smoke before vinyasa at Ganja Yoga in San Francisco. Classes start after thirty minutes of social weed time. Recreational marijuana is legal therefore you’ve got all the peace.

Make your choice and nothing will harsh your mellow.

Bringing you my commentary on the latest weed news from a trusted source, me!

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Updated my travel list!

wow wonderful places and pictures who know's maybe one day i will have possibility to travel over there ! Keep Smoke

I've only been to Nevada and California so far on this list. Traveling is one of the most freeing thins you can do , and say smoke takes off, we could all travel and earn smoke as we go :)

That good! this winter I have a trip to Amsterdam pending.

Lived in California my whole life, and now i reside in Vegas, and i have a trip planned for Seattle!!

Great travel list! resmooooked ;-)

Nice one here, i prefer alaska though have heard they got a lot of stoners after cannabis legalization. Planning to visit them during honeymoon.

I'm a huge fan of Denver Colorado!

Really dope post! If goig to amsterdam, try and look for some coffeeshops outside the city too, the quality is often better and it's also a bit cheaper.


Great tip!

Looks like I'm gonna add these places to my bucket list. Too bad, here in Nigeria, we're yet to see the goodness in smoke. But with time, the light of freedom would arise in the hearts of Naija guys.

Guess what I've been doing since morning... Ain't no feeling as divine as getting stoned on weekends

A problem with Amsterdam is that the cafes are tiny (expensive/limited real estate), so if its a weekend the places are packed to the gills - somewhere with a greater footprint and some breathing space would make for a less claustrophobic environment haha!

I'll have to visit Canada once it's fully legal and recreationally available to tourists


At least, it's still better than not finding a place to have a recreational smoke.
You'd be surprised that here, you can almost not find a place within the metropolis to take a good smoke - except for some few smoke lairs and cribs :)


Lol, i understand how you feel @samminator. Maybe you should relocating a second thought, Hahah.


Lol. That's a righteous idea though :D


I somehow like Amsterdam and somehow don't. It's sooooo crowded and really, you can't take pics with peeps in it (Not the point, I know LOLOL). To go for weed / coffee shops, any other parts in the country also got it as well :)

Canada is pretty coooool !!!!

A few destinations to add to the bucket list here 👌

Awesome post ! I need to visit all these places in the future =) . Voted and resmoked !


Me 2.. I get my info from sources and they tell me these are all top notch smoke spots :)

Been to 5 of them! Not sure where you live but I used to live in Vancouver for over a year, believe it or not, you can smell it everywhere LOLOL (not exaggerating)


I've never lived in Vancouver but my sources tell me good things :D


I f* up there first time on 4/20 at the place called 'Robson Square' where they hold the event every year selling everything weed related. Passed out at 3 and got up again at 1 the following day! LOLOLOLOL That was a bad one!

For some reason I'm surprised you didn't mention Colorado in the US. They have been another front-runner in the legalization of cannabis (medical and recreational).


My sources ran dry in Colorado :')

I live not far from Nimbin and it's annual Mardi Grass event is epic! However, cannabis is illegal in this town and the Police have a strong presence whenever there is an event on.

You can walk through the small town and smell the sweet sweet mary jane all the time though and the Pot Museum is a must see. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this information. Recently, I have visited Araiya hotel, Himachal Pradesh. It was just an amazing place. The dining at Araiya hotel is well designed and spacious. Must visit this place.