Who is responsible for our bad days and miseries?

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Who is responsible for our bad days and miseries?

Let's enquire the answer of the above mentioned question who is really responsible for our bad situation and miseries, you can say that the victim of our miseries is our fate, some people will tell lack of money is the biggest problem, some will tell you the circumstances was not favourable, resources was not available, technology was not favourable, infrastructure was not enough supportive, employees were not honest, employer was not so co-operative, our knowledge and education was not enough to tackle all the problems.

Guys you are hundred percent correct and no one can understand the problems you faced during your journey of being a successful billionaire is am I correct?

You are not aiming to be a Billionaire! Really, think again.
Yes I am not aiming to be a Billionaire in my life.
Ohh! My God.

Think again and again what we are doing and who is responsible for our miserable life, see the above aimage nd think again, It's a complete waste of our golden and most valuable time and life the Gift of Almighty God so friends think again and share with me the rest of the part we will discuss on my upcoming posts.

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