Make your life remarkable and large.

2 years ago

Good morning dear friends I wish you all a fantastic day. Friends God gives us so many valuable gifts and opportunities to enjoy the beauty of love and life.


In my view it's a great opportunity to spread the fragrance of our good heart, soul and deeds to the world and so we remains for thousands years after our death otherwise who will remember us after few months when we leave this world.

So make this life useful and large in morality and serving the society as it will improve your chances of remaining here immortal like, Buddha, Jesus, Prophet, and Lord Rama. It's not important what the people of that period thinks about you but the important thing which matters is how our generations will remember us, a noble and revolutionary person or a devil and bad guy so it's very beautiful to make this life immortal and exemplary for the generations and do you know that only you can do this by your noble deeds.

So what's is the issue of your ignorance and not making your life important, impressive, full of examples and great so it's a remarkable journey and people will dream for this life what a guy he was who lives his life in dynamic way be strong and be positive.

Thank you, dear friends, for your Love and support

Original work by @oodeyaa

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