Marijuana in Lidl Versus Marijuana Dispensary ATMs

6 months ago

Lidl, one of the biggest supermarket brands in Europe, has decided to sell Cannabis as a substitute for tobacco, in Switzerland. But Cannabis on Lidl's Store, that can be bought without any stress, contains only small amounts of psychoactive substances.


Lidl’s Products are designed to provide a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect, not to be intoxicating, as the manufacturer is based on sustainable agriculture and does not add chemical, synthetic or genetically modified chemicals.


Is this a signal that Cannabis Policy in Europe is becoming more and more free?

  • Probably not, because Marijuana in Lidl has no psychoactive effects, as the plants we find among the bread and dairy products have a Low THC Concentration. Instead, the CBD is predominant !

  • My point of view that; when will see everywhere Marijuana Dispensary ATMs we can say that Cannabis policy in Europe become free!


Thanks for reading.
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That's pretty cool, hopefully the trend will spread to Europe


In a world where Marijuana Banking Laws are constantly changing, there are 2 solutions : Ganja ATMs & Greenstar ATMs and I hope one of this solution spread to Europe as soon as possible!

Thanks for support.

Start with cannabis without tobacco

I would be interested in cigarette companies came out with a tobacco free, all-grass alternative with no nicotine ... anti inflammatory effects even better (weed is an expectorant, it'll clean up a smokers lungs if they stop tobacco). What a crazy world we could be coming into, well, tobacco companies know they can survive if weed can be a legal product for them!