Today's Weed News For November 5th 2018 #VOTE

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For today's weed news and we go to the great states of North Dakota, Utah, Michigan and Missouri.

Okay, so the time is finally here. Midterm elections are happening and tomorrow is the last day to vote. Therefore I'm taking this opportunity and dedicating today's weed news story to all the people that live in the four abovementioned states. You guys have a chance to legalize either recreational or medical cannabis and make where you live soo much cooler.

So I'm just going to go down the list remind you guys what the measures in your local spots are called, and what they contain.

So let's start in North Dakota. You guys are voting on Measure 3.

The measure seeks to completely legalize cannabis for whatever purpose and it also calls for expunging past cannabis-related criminal offenses. But, in addition to all of that, Measure 3 wants to make sure that there are no legal limits on the amount of cannabis one can grow, possess or even trade and sell to others.

It is an absolutely historic moment for you guys, if you do end up passing this (and I have high hopes for you), your laws would, be hands down, among the dopest cannabis laws anywhere in the world.

So if you live in North Dakota, make sure you do whatever it takes to go out and let your voice be heard and vote Yes on Measure 3.

Next we go to the great state of Utah. You guys are voting on Proposition 2.

This is a proposition hoping to legalize medical cannabis which would be limited to only edibles and vape pens and would prohibit any kind of grows or flower smoking altogether. That being said, it's still a lot better than what you guys have right now.

If you believe in helping people that are suffering, (especially since it is needless suffering since a remedy already exists for many of them), including children with epilepsy, people with cancer, HIV and so many others, please make sure you take the time to go out tomorrow and cast your vote for Proposition 2 and let there be MMJ in your world.

Now let me holler at everybody in Michigan. You guys are voting on Proposition 1 which would legalize recreational cannabis in your state.

After looking at the most recent data, experts have concluded that it's really a coin flip situation for you guys. Whether this measure passes or not is pretty much going to come down to the 18-29 year-old demographic.

I know that being young you're probably really busy and got a lot of shit to do, but you're going to hate yourself a couple days from now if you're eligible to vote and you don't go out there and let your voice be heard and that shift fails.

So please help your state and its economy and all the stoners that you know by going out and voting for Proposition 1 tomorrow.

And finally, let me talk to everybody in the great state of Missouri.

Your guys' situation is a little bit more complex, because you will be choosing between three different proposals. Those being Amendment 2, Amendment 3, and Proposal C. All of the three options would legalize medical cannabis in your state.

The biggest difference between them being, that only Amendment 2 would allow you guys to grow your own medicine at home. The other differences really come down to how much each type of cannabis product will be taxed and where the tax money will be allocated once the state receives it.

That being said, I am a big proponent of being able to make your own cannabis medicines, oils, extracts, flowers, edibles and all of that, so I would encourage everybody to vote for Amendment 2, but then again I don't live in Missouri.

But either way you guys have a chance to make history and if nothing else, remember my words and "Take Action Tomorrow to Help Legalize Weed Forever" because is been illegal for too long.

PS - My home state of Arizona passed medical marijuana in 2010 by less than 1,500 votes. So yes, every vote does count!

For real though, y'all got to do that shit man!

And that's what's up with voting for weed!


“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston



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Sort Order:  Trending 3 out of 4 is not bad!!!! That's what's up Michigan, Utah and Missouri!!! Congrats!!! You guys did it!!!

Big days ... get out the Vote. Make Weed Legal everywhere. Subscribed yo your YouTube Channel.


That's what's up man, thank you @offgrid!

This Einstein meme for you @kiefpreston 😊




man this is fucking gold! You should join my Blazin' MeMe contest and make a meme of Good Ol' Elon Musk

Wow this decriminalization is really starting to pick up momentum around the world, things are looking good, thanks for that and bong on bro. :-)

"Take Action Tomorrow to Help Legalize Weed Forever"
Well said. Thanks for guiding us.

I hope each mentioned state makes it and actually fully legalize the herb, even for recreational purposes, not just medicinal.

Everyone should have the right to toke!

It's absurd how this right was taken away in the first place. WIth the help of massive propaganda in the 40's

It beats me how people were so dumb to believe that shiet back in the day when they were strongly pushing anti-weeed propaganda.