Today's Weed News For November 2nd 2018 #SOUTHCAROLINA

9 months ago


For today's weed news we go to the great state of South Carolina.

Farmers in South Carolina just harvested their first hemp crop since the 1930s!

That is because the state is currently running a pilot program which allows 20 different companies to grow and produce hemp.

Wyatt Sage, the grow supervisor at Palmetto Harmony, one of the 20 hemp producers taking part in the pilot program commented on their first harvest saying "It's been a lot of trial-and-error, a little bit of research... Hemp being brand new in South Carolina since the World War II era, we're learning a lot."

"Most surprising thing we've had happened here? Really just the problem of everybody thinking it's marijuana has been a pretty big surprise," continued Sage.

Because the Food and Drug Administration recently admitted that cannabidiol, (CBD) actually has medical uses, growing hemp is suddenly becoming more and more lucrative.

For anyone unfamiliar, it is possible to extract cannabidiol from hemp, without having to deal with anything that contains THC. And nothing in this equation will get you high.

One surprising problem that Wyatt Sage says he's been dealing with however, is people trying to steal hemp plants because they look just like regular cannabis to the untrained eye. I guess people probably think that they can get faded off it.

"I have no idea why people are stealing it, I really don't. It's pretty foolish. It might look a little like weed, it might smell a little like weed, but it's definitely not going to get you high if you smoke it like weed," explained Sage.

Although right now, Palmetto Harmony is focused mainly on the CBD aspect of hemp, they hope that in the future, the company will be allowed to grow on more acreage and begin producing the plant for other uses like fuel, food, fiber, hempcrete, and the list goes on.

Next year, South Carolina has already announced that, (unless major issues come to light) they will allow 20 companies to start growing hemp in the state.

It's great to see the dumb prohibition of this NON-PSYCHOACTIVE plant begin to fall to the wayside and people being allowed to grow such a useful plant again. Can you believe that it's been almost a hundred years since they were allowed to do this?

And that's what's up with South Carolina!


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It's absolutely insane that you can't grow hemp, if you can't get high what's the problem, it's just wacky. you know this topic really gets my conspiratorial mind going. It has to have something to do with some types of companies lobbyists protecting their shitty products from being replaced with superior hemp products, nothing else make any sense to me. Thanks for the update and bong on bro. :-)

Good news. I derive pleasure in growing my MJ.

Glad they are stepping up their game. About fucking time.

This are positive news for South Carolina...little by little we're getting there!

Thanks for daily update.
The content was read carefuly, and no questions.
Keep the good work.
Have a great weekend.

It was about time and someone should explain to the powers that rules us the difference between CBD and THC, not that it does matter because it should simply be legalized for recreational use!

Hope you having a good Sunday.

88 years is a long time to wait for their first harvest. Its really great to know that growing hemp is becoming more and more lucrative. Perhaps this will help with the legalization of cannabis in South Carolina, if its not already legal there.

haha, loved this part:

people trying to steal hemp plants because they look just like regular cannabis to the untrained eye
I guess they will be dissapointed when they smoke it. (2).gif @curationbro was here! (3).gif