The Weekly Weed News 2.0 Podcast W/ Kief Preston - Episode 33 - October 28th 2018

2 years ago

In this week's weed news we talk about running #OUTOFWEED, we talk #NORTHDAKOTA, Senator #JIMDABAKIS, #WEEDJOBS and #MEXICO

Welcome to Weekly Weed News 2.0 the Podcast with Kief Preston, where I bring you the week’s most important news about weed, medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, cannabis legalization and anything else to do with the good herb – all while smoking on some good!

This show was created to raise awareness about cannabis-related issues and motivate people to do something to help the movement and make marijuana legalization a reality as soon as possible. There are so many people we can help and there’s so much money to be made, not to mention all the people locked up that shouldn’t be.

“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston



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Stay UP! -Kief

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First time i listen to your podcast and i'm already loving it. I'm sure smoke will bring a lot more subscribers to your youtube.


that's what's up!

Man, you're killing it...loved the podcast! :D


I appreciate it man!

Great podcast and great sum up from weekend daily articles! Glad to have you here on the network :)


glad to be here.

You've been sent 1 smoke for producing original, fun, engaging content!
Keep up the great work!



A stoner that loves cannabis, did I get that correct @kiefpreston Well, I listened to your podcast and it's cool. I never know you have been on smoke for 25 years, It's all good. Keep keeping up. Respect!!



Thanks for the update bro, I like how you spark up and start coughing in your pod cast, that's [email protected]#king classic my friend, Lol. bong on bro. :-)


bongs forever!

There’s so much money to be made, FOR REAL!

Keep smoking!



Thank you for the updated. Its always nice to read what the latest cannabis news are. I think you are on the best platform to spread awareness about legalizing cannabis. Hopefully my little vote can help your posts achieve the viral effects it need to bring more awareness to this topic. Its not much but I will gladly help where I can. You are doing incredible work for the community.


thanks for your support @cannabiskings!


You're very welcome. I enjoy supporting those who empower others by using their passion. I can see you have a passion for what you're doing and I admire and respect that @kiefpreston! Keep up the great work :) (2).gif @curationbro was here! (3).gif

Thanks for becoming my consistent news source on cannabis related topics!


Great to hear that you enjoy my posts!

Thanks again for daily update..
By the way I will start to support the cause by shopping on Amazon, as I need to buy what I can not find here in my country!
Thanks for great support to my last post about the "Short History Of Cannabis"..
Wish you a great week..
Happy Smoking..


Awesome, thanks man!