Back From the Dispensary...

last year

What's Smokin Y'all?!

So on Monday night I hit the dispensary and came back with a gram of pre 98 Bubba Kush. If you read my post from Monday, you know I really wasn't happy with that weed.

That's why I had to make another trip to the dispensary today...

To get my weed situation back on track, I ended up picking up some hard candy edibles and an eighth of Strawberry Banana Sherbet shake.

So I usually go with gummies when it comes to Edibles from the dispensary, but since they didn't have the ones I wanted and I didn't want to spend a lot I ended up with these watermelon hard candies made by Vital.

Just like the gummies I always get there's 10 of them in the pack and they're 10 mg each for a total of 100 mg THC.

I was very surprised to find out that they taste exactly like normal watermelon candies and if I didn't know that they were from a dispensary I probably wouldn't have thought that they were actually cannabis edibles!

That being said I ate 2 about an hour ago, and have noticed myself feeling more and more relaxed as time goes on and I'm starting to feel the creeping into my brain. And I only ate 2!

Although I do prefer gummies just for their consistency and stuff these are great as far as I'm concerned.

And they cost just $12 for 10 of them... Man, THAT's WHAT's UP!

As far as the weed goes, I've had Strawberry Sherbert from Arizona Natural Selections before, and that's kind of why I ended up getting this Strawberry BANANA Sherbert.

When you open the bag and yake one whiff, you immediately think strawberry!

AND it actually tastes like strawberries when you smoke it! Obviously not like pure strawberries but it definitely has a specific identifiable strawberry flavor to the smoke.

As far as the banana goes, I can't really tell much difference in the flavor of that and the pure strawberry sherbet I had before.

I think last time I just got a gram of it cuz I was curious about it but this time I picked up this little three and a half gram baggie of shake.

The reason I got the shake and not buds is because it was only $18 for the three and a half grams.

I believe normal (buds) eighths of this go for 35 bucks.

It is supposed to be a hybrid weed. And that is what it feels like one to me. Although I prefer my weed to lean towards the indica side and I'm not sure that that's the case with this one, i still like this cannabis strain because it makes me feel a little bit energized, which I attribute to the sativa side of it's genetics.

Without factoring in how incredibly inexpensive this bag of weed was, just on smell, flavor, looks and high, I would give this bud and 8 1/2 out of 10 overall. If it was giant Cola nugs I might even give it a 9.

I feel like, all in all, paying $30 total for 10 candies and 3.5g of trees is a pretty damn good deal!

Those candies are kicking in a little right now...=')

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I don't know why but my pictures seem not to be showing up. I'm not sure where the problem lies, but if they don't appear by the time I wake up I'm going to try reposting this again. Please bare with me through these technical difficulties y'all. Stay up!


It gives a little bit more work, but you can use imgur to upload pictures, after you upload one, you click with the right button over the image, and choose "see image" and then you copy the link that shows in your browser and you post here. I'm using this method because it seems not always the site is working fine when it comes to uploading images and with imgur it has worked every single time. :)


I been using the steemit method when they don't upload. LOL we all have found ways that work and that is all that matters.


Always upload your images in the editor before writing any text.... I discovered the editor has bugs....... You can also use other alternatives like imgur, or upload on steemit and copy the image url


Don't worry. happens with every one from time to time. Just give it some time, i think they'll arrive at the destined location


I can see the pictures from my ends. Don't really know what the problem is


It's not working on my end either. I even tried using Imgur and it still didn't work :(


I got the same error..
I can upload it using imgur or steemit...
But in the main page my photos do not display !!
I hope that they will fix this soon..
Till then , let us keep smoking..

You do know how to make all your readers jealous!! :P I think i would spend all my weekly salary if i went there!

One thing is for sure, they don't have any shortage of weed there, like in Canada ;)

I've been checking out your series, @kiefpreston, and I've gotta say, I love your personality man. You're such a positive, uplifting person and it's refreshing to see someone as passionate about cannabis as you are. Keep doing your thing man, it's great!


Thanks! Those are some very kind words. Cannabis has helped me so much in my life I just want everyone to be able to use it if they want, you feel me.


Sorry my vote does not seem to give any value. I feel you for sure man! Bless you!

That sounds like some good eats, edibles that taste good are the best. I use imgur for all my pictures. Seems like you scored big on that deal. I'm glad it was better than the pre 98 bubba.

Yes. Do not worry. Picture This is just a picture. The most important thing is that the post should be interesting and profitable. And all this is in this post.

Darn, so detailed and well written post! Solidly deserving on the rewards this time. A pro (and he is one) example for the rest of us!

The reason I got the shake and not buds is because it was only $18 for the three and a half grams.

I believe normal (buds) eighths of this go for 35 bucks.

What an awesome tip. Buds are nice to play with, but if you just wanna get wasted in the end .... hahahaha much better deal for loading the bongs or baking a cake. Big time!

Quite the haul you have there.

Those watermelon drops... oh yes! Next time I make trip to m local dispensary (over an hour away) I'm going to look for something like that. I love watermelon candies.

Don't worry, there is an error with the pictures in smoke, it should be solved soon!

I am trying to quit smoking cigars, it's so hard! And I am waiting for cannabis to be legalised in my country!


Looks like we're even buddy. Cannabis is yet to gain legalization here too. But I hope it would be legalized soon

The question here, is one and just you need help taking care of all that? 😅😆

Shake is prefect for cooking with.


Hi @kiefpreston

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Can't go wrong with some candies and good priced smoke. Shake is just the bottom of bags of pounds they bought, so it's almost same. Good buy

Man I always enjoy reading about your trip to the dispensary.
Are you planning on buy watermelon hard candies again or do you think you will go back to gummies when they become available again?

I'm really looking forward to when we would have the freedom to walk into a dispensary to order for cannabis.
But in the mean time, we have to do it our way.

Smoke on buddy