For decades cannabis has been demonized in public by the media.

2 years ago will take many years to undo the public's view of cannabis.


People have been taught by the media that cannabis use is immoral, illegal, and hurts people.

TV imagery is used to sway public thought:


People are going to have to change their thinking....

  • They can start here:


If someone uses marijuana -- their decision has nothing to do with you.

You're going to get people staring at you, pointing at you, calling the cops, sneering at you... The best thing you can do is avoid being aggressive toward them.

People are just waiting for that aggressive toker to demonstrate how evil smokers are... so they can validate their prejudiced view about cannabis, and those who use it.

The media and government have done a wonderful job at keeping the public at war with each other..

Hopefully cannabis users will be patient, help to educate, and not retaliate.

In the end... we all win. Some just need a little more help to see the light. :)

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Same here, not a smoker but see tremendous medical opportunity.