Unusual pest problem this season.

2 years ago

This year has been great, full of learning experiences. I have yet to deal with any rodents during my growing career so far.
Until this season

This plant got munched on during the night, as did the one next to it.

I didn't really know what to do, mouse traps every few feet sounded insane. As it happened to be, the neighborhood is full of humans. This beast appeared almost the next day.

She was pretty wild when I first saw her. Named her Xena, she didnt take any shit from the wild critters. Dead birds and rodents littered my property.

Overall, a good free mountain kitty, just comes by for a few pats on the head.

I talked with a few neighboors in the local area. One guy up the road from me said he was losing more than one plant a day from mice eating through the stalks. He mentioned trails out of the woods from all the rodent traveling. Another neighbor had to replant his whole 150+ plant crop and buy all sonic noise devices to scare the little critters away.

Here is a good eaxmple of over watering .
you get these massive stalks that split and leave themselves exposed to the worlds dangers. This one was a strong one, the plant only grew about six feet tall. The green stuff om the stalk is some goop I pit on it, I forget the name of it though.

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lol... can't blame the mice for wanting a delicious snack there ;)

and a kitty comes to save the day (or season should I say)...

sounds like a fairy tale farmers life!

I have plenty of mice living in my garden, too, but never have they munched on any of my girls, though... that's the first time I hear of that!


It suprised me, I've never that type of damage on this big of plants.


Rodents are a pain, cats and sonic traps are the way to go

rats want also to smoke :) just kidding...yeah mouse trap will do eliminate those rats

Best rat trap you can get and cute as hell to boot, Xena to the rescue, Lol, thanks for sharing your story and bong on bro. :-)

My bad, my pet rat Remy wanted some THC for his cooking classes.


Is he the one in those missing posters? Xena showed me a few of them.