New smoking device

2 years ago

My old smoking device reached the end of it's lifetime. I went out and aquired a new bong , needed one that had an ice catcher.

I chatted up the employee told him I wanted a large bowl piece and he gave me this spiderman one. It was pretty deep .

Packed some white tahoe cookie.

Added some kief on top.

This thing hits like a champion, loving the icy hits. After a few rips I'm getting pretty baked, my last bong was trash in comparison. Anyone else smoke bong hits? It's my favorite way to indulge cannabis.

The employee also gave me these for free, better than nothing.

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Nice to see a new bong, hope it hits like it looks

wow man, that looks lit man.

The bowl looks epic. It reminds me of a fine whisky bottle.

Nice bong you bought yourself! I love Zig-Zag papers, they remind me of my teenage years :D

That bowl is pretty sweet love the design on it.


Thanks, it had that childhood nostalgia. It was also really deep so I was stoked, big bowls to roast.

Nice bro, that looks like a ripper!! I need to go out and replace mine as well they most def have seen better days hahah Damn them nugs look fire AF! Cheers!

Glass doesn't need metal screens. I never use a screen in glass. Ruins the taste of the weed if you ask me. Hey and you have papers to twist one up to participate in #RoachSunday this coming up Sunday. Hope to see you enter. Nice bong hope it hits smooth


I feel ya, I don't use screens with my glass either

Smoke it for we are here with you man

what a awesome bong, I like the spiderman theme, looks cool. I think bongs are the best way to smoke, less wastage of the precious bud. Bong on bro. :-)

Is that bowl crystal?


Glass, I had the option of a brown color. Chose the clear, it looked better.